I Relapsed and Need Paper Rehab

I hear voices and they are saying something about “Paper Rehab?”

Dad is always saying to people, “when you think you can trust Perry that is when you can’t.”

photoLet me tell you people I showed him.  Of course I was not getting nearly enough attention and affections to my liking.  Dad was off doing something on the computer.  Those parentals are always doing something on the computer.  Well, it was quiet on the fore front so I slowly pushed the bathroom door open with my paw and snuck in there.

After I found the mecca of TP, I just could not help myself.   I kept hearing the occasional “Perry what are you doing?”  But of course no response…next time I will know to come out and check on him so he will leave me alone with my addiction.

The next thing I see Dad sneaking down the hallway.  I was caught, but I did not run in fear.  You see, I knew he would have to go get that iphone thing and take my picture.  He needs to go to rehab for that addiction.

OK people, it is going to be one of those days so I must get going.  I will keep you posted if I find some more trouble to get into.

I did hear that Mom is going to make some treats.  I guess they are doing a healthy cookie recipe book and they may include a dog treat recipe especially for me.  That ROCKS!

2 thoughts on “I Relapsed and Need Paper Rehab

  1. Perry! Tell your Mom and Dad to give you something tastier to eat so that you don’t have to eat toilet paper! You need more treats, right???

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