Perry Goes to the Apple Store

appleperryjpg“Where are we going, what are we doing? “ This is how I greet the morning.  I love the morning time.  It is a fresh start with new, exciting possibilities.  Of course like all my mornings, I lie in wait for the parental units to stir.  I am on to them as they try their hardest not to cause a commotion but it doesn’t work.  I know when they should get up!

I came up to Dad’s side of the bed and pressed my nose and gave him my own morning breath.  “Where are we going today?”  I have to ask now since I know we are no longer going to “the day’s” so I’m still not sure what each day will look like.  It’s a little challenging for me but I’m trying to get used to the new schedule.

We tried a new day care 1 day this week with lots of dogs and it was okay but I’m not sure about it yet.

Dad gave me a quick pat on the head saying, “Punkeeey, we’re going to the Apple store.” Of course I got excited, as I love apple cores and thought to myself:  Wow!  It was too early for an apple but I am not going to pass one up.

The next thing I know is we were all in the car and I still had not had my apple.  What?  A car ride before my fiber intake?

We hit the freeway and since Mom was in my spot in the car I had to be sequestered to the back seat.  I was not impressed.  But what happened next made my very happy!

We got out of the car and walked down this street with no cars called the Third Street Promenade.  Next we stood by this big glass building, which EVEN had a glass ceiling.  Once inside I saw what humans call Apple.

Apparently our computer called an iMac had an owie and had to be fixed – something about the hard drive being bad.  It had to have a time out for a few days.  I’m glad I am not a computer since I know I could not last that long in time out.

The workers in the Apple Store came up to me and gave me lots of pets.  I love when fans come up to me but this was most excellent.  People were paying me the much-needed attention I require and soak up.  I hope we get to go on more adventures like that.

photoThen later that afternoon Dad and I had to pick mom up from getting her hair cut.  Mom goes to this special place for curly girls called Salon of Curls.   Dad and I have low maintenance hair and from the looks of it Dad’s is going to be the lowest soon with no hair.  I was happy since I got to see Auntie Kym.  I don’t care much that she specializes in cutting curly girl’s hair and using Deva Hair care products.  All I care about is that she loves me and gives me special loves and pets in her salon by the beach.

It was very cool to hang out and see all the surfers come back from the waves.  I could smell the beach but we did not take a walk, which did not matter at all to me today.  All in all, I had an excellent day with new and old friends.  If I continue to get out and about there is nothing to complain about.

Life is good!

2 thoughts on “Perry Goes to the Apple Store

  1. Perry,

    What you need to do is woof out “shotgun” next time you go for a ride with both parents in tow. That way you will get to sit in the front passenger seat instead of your mom.

    Uncle Pat

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