I’m A Bit Stressed With this Interviewing Process

imagejpeg952This dog interviewing process is killing me.  Thank goodness I do not have to wear a tie!  And if I hear the parentals tell me one more time to be on my best behavior I am going to have a serious melt down.

We all know I am still trying to deal with my rejection from the mean place Centinela Pet and Feed Supplies on Pico.  However, I am working through it so don’t worry too much.  The wonderful lady who took care of me, Francine, sent me a nice card that they missed me.  I miss Francine!

I do appreciate all the notes and calls and checking in on me.  I think this fawning all over me makes Dad a little jealous and I love it.  So keep it up.

I was accepted to a place  called the Wags club that has a big outside area and I liked it even though Dad compared it to high school.  I was the new kid on the block and I can hold my own but it was still scary.

Of course Mom was very nervous but we all got through it.  They were very LA and gave me a swag bag.  Unfortunately it was made for a little dog as the chew stick was the size of a pencil and I completely shredded the ball in less then 2 minutes.  Come on you fancy pants places get your swag right for us big dogs!  I ran around a lot though and it was fun.

This weekend was challenging since we had three appointments to “interview” me again.  I think this process makes Dad want to move out of LA and raise me on a farm.  Don’t know how I would feel about that as I love people too much and being on a farm might be great but oh so isolating.

OK, back to my story.  The first appointment was a home visit.  A nice man named Brent Rice from my puppy class when I was about 9 weeks came to see about setting up a program of training and exercise.  What training?  I think that means more commands but I know how that works…you do what they say and you get the treats.  And I love scooby snacks so it was okay.  I really liked him but he is very busy right now so next month we will hang out together.

Next we had an appointment at Pet Smart, Pet Hotel.  It was one of those big commercialized places that look all shiny and new.   It was a bit small for my size.  Remember I have lots of energy and need to run.

I knew this one wasn’t going to work all that well by the look on Dad’s face.  First he said to the lady, “you do realize Perry would take that mop and drag it all around your small room. “   Dad was throwing me under the bus – not too cool.

Next we were shown the private rooms that were the size of a bathroom but they did have a nice flat screen TV.   Then parentals just said on the way out it was an emergency only place.  I do wonder what channels they let us watch?

IMG-20130428-01006Next we went to Two Hands Four Paws, which specializes in animal rehabilitation.  They do have some day care but mostly for dogs about 50 pounds are less.  Gosh, what is up with the weight issues? Oh I forgot we are in LA, where Mom says everyone is concerned with his or her weight.  I think I’m just fine so not sure what the big deal is?

They had this cool huge pool you can swim in and underwater tread mills.  Dad was excited and on the way out said, if we have people over we can tire him out by having him go into the pool.  He makes me crazy; maybe he needs to be dumped into the pool.   If I ever have an injury Mom says this is the place to go.

Next we took a breather and went to the office.  I love going there and I hear that if I am really good I will be visiting a little bit more.  Keeping my paws crossed.

2 thoughts on “I’m A Bit Stressed With this Interviewing Process

  1. Wow Perry,

    Sounds like the LA life is not the place to be if one is not a foo foo dog. Up here in Northern California, especially a Rodeo town like Livermore, BIG dogs rule. You need to get the parental unit thinking about leaving the So Cal craziness and head north where life is a little slower paced and BIG dogs are the norm.

    Uncle Pat

  2. Hi Perry- I am very proud of you for going to all your interviews. Remember you learn something at each one of them, even if you decide it’s not a good fit.
    Try to post a picture of you and dad in that pool- THAT would be funny.

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