The Weekend Cookie Factory

photoPeople you will not believe what has happened at my house this weekend.  At first I thought it was Christmas and Mom was making cookies for Santa.

The parental units are working on a new short book; it is all about gluten-free healthy cookies.  It seems pretty complicated but the goal is to bring sweets to everyone with healthier alternatives.  I don’t really care all that much except for the last recipe in which I’m featured since it’s a dog cookie with my 2 favorite things – pumpkin and peanut butter – yum!

Mom was in the kitchen for 8 straight hours.  She made 9 of the 13 recipes.  Dad chronicled the entire process for my Facebook fans.  It was a fun day licking up all the crumbs.  What a great life I live!

Some good news to report is the owie on my foot is almost gone.  Those pills the parentals are shoving down my throat must be working.  I have to admit I do feel better and I am pleased to see the happiness on their faces since I’m no longer licking nonstop.

OK, Dad is outside watering and I better make sure he is not getting into trouble like myself.  You see I was a bad boy this weekend and chewed on a lens box and Grandpa Sprawls’ shoeshine brush, but he’s in heaven so he probably does not mind all that much.

One good thing is when I’m bad I know to go into my crate.  I now run to it on command.  Even if the door is shut I can open it and get in.  You see how smart I am.  Dad eventually said he loved me and it made him think of his Grandpa on this Father’s day weekend.  So I guess we’ll all good.

One thought on “The Weekend Cookie Factory

  1. Congrats to your parents on yet another book! Hope that this one is another best seller. I especially can’t to see the puppylicious recipes!

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