SLO Does Not Slow Me Down

IMG_7742Sorry I’ve been gone 2 weeks but my social calendar is packed.  Last weekend we visited my Aunt Wendy and her family who were up in SLO.

So after my doctor’s appointment, which took forever with my endless issues, Dad and I hit the road.  Mom decided to give us guys “male bonding” time while she finished up her projects.  I’m still not sure all of what she does but she is gone a lot.

Dad was happy since I slept most of the way but as soon as we hit the Grand Units Street I started getting excited.  I heard my Mom used to do this before she went to see her grandparents.

I was happily greeted with 4 new playmates.  I could not keep track of them, but 2 of them they call twins I really liked since they were the same height as me and I can look them eye-to-eye.  It was really cool having a human at my height.

The only part that wasn’t so cool was when I tried to go out the door and the one called Mateo got up in my grill with his hand in my face telling me, “stay Perry, stay.”

Of course that made me frustrated but I listened.  The coolest part was when he was not guarding the door I got out.  It made Dad crazy since I’m not great on my “recall” as he says and love to gallop around flaunting my freedom.  I did get into a little trouble with running away since there are no fences and I love to run all over the place and check in on the neighbors.

There’s so much to see with all the horses, cows and trails and I am after all a nature enthusiast.  Dad just needs to realize when I am out of the city I like to run wild.

photoThe fun did not stop.  I could not help myself, as I was involved with all the activities.  I especially loved Popsicle time, and licking up those drips.  No worries since Grandma made homemade ones without all that bad high fructose corn syrup.

The best part of the weekend was when we all headed out to the swings and slide.  I wanted to be one of the kids, but Dad was micro-managing my moves.  He is too old and apparently does not know how to have fun like me.

After an amazing weekend it was time to get going home.  I was sad but glad we were going to see Mom.  I do miss how she gives me ear rubs and lies on the floor with me for pets before I go to sleep.

Until the next adventure…Peace

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