Life and Art

photoThis weekend was quite exciting.  I got the opportunity to go to my first official photography art show and loved it!

One of Dad’s friends, Marguerite Courtney, presented her black & white series called Moments at Café Bolivar.  A portion of the proceeds goes to the Franco and Gomez family Memorial Funds, which are part of that horrible shooting at Santa Monica College.

The art was pretty cool but best part was all the people who welcomed me.  I felt like I was art.  Everyone wanted to give me pets and attentions, which I just adore, and can’t get enough of.

There was a cool little friend who was up for the challenge to communicate with me.  He was my buddy for the evening and at one time wanted to take my leash and walk me around the party.  Even though he was older than me, I am bigger than him and can run much faster.

photo-1Otherwise life has been cruising by and the summer is almost over.  Mom did her speaking for the ASAP Foundation at Universal Studios.  I was a little sad since I did not get to go.

Next week Dad will be busy trying to shoot photos for the new gluten-free low sugar cookie book so it will be crazy and busy with food and pictures.  Maybe I’ll get some crumbs and steal a cookie when no one is watching.

OK, off to get me a treat and play before dinner.


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