A Rocky Start to my Vacation

photo-2Lately things have been very hectic around this house (what else is new?) My life has been slowly disrupted over this last week.  First Dad gets out the parental’s suitcases and then he started getting my stuff together.  I do not like having my bedding, toys and blankets messed with PEOPLE.  And he just does it so sneaky, which makes me even crazier!

Anyway this morning I was a bit on edge.  I just stuck to Dad like Velcro and there was nothing he could do where I was not following him around like a tail (anymore than I usually do.)  We finally finished loading up the car and we were ready to go but I was not exactly sure where (???)

The long drive in the car with all of my stuff made me a little cramped.  It was not too much of a problem since I just laid all over the front seat and when things got boring I stretched my legs out into the not so happy Dad’s lap.

photoI was getting a little antsy when we turned off the freeway in Santa Barbara.  What!  I think I saw Grandma and Grandpa’s B’s truck and that got me really excited.  Forget Dad! I was going to the country to hang out with all the fresh smells and friends.

We pulled up and Dad was trying to get me to work on my car etiquette.  I was not having any of that.  What was he thinking…training at a fun time like this – NO WAY!

As Grandpa was loading up the truck with my stuff Dad was trying to help.  Grandma thought it would be best to help take care of me.  Well I was so excited to be with her I forgot my own strength and ran off.  I was a “bad Punky” as Dad says because I pulled Grandma down to the ground and she got a hurtie.

I really felt horrible but I was just so excited.  Needless to say we finished up and I left with the Grand-units so I must not be in too much trouble.  We did stop for gas in Nipomo and I had some young fans want to come up and give me the attentions and affections I deserve.

We finally got home to SLO where I just love the yard, air and being spoiled rotten.  Hopefully the parental units have a good conference because I need a break from them.  I’ll be away for 2 weeks so not sure about updates.

Catch you later since I’ll be hanging out in the fresh air away from LA!

I’m Getting Better and Here’s my Report Card

203I’m 20 months old right now and Mom says she can’t wait till I’m 2.  Auntie Deb in Florida says I will be a great dog at 3 so that makes me excited to get older.

I still have many issues that need what Dad calls “training” but I thought I’d give you a current report card to let you know just how much I’ve improved:

  1. I can do a 10 minute wait for a snack when I want to…yes I drool but can wait even when the parentals leave the room
  2. I’ve slept on the chair in the living room all night by myself for at least a week without waking up Dad till 6:30 am
  3. I rode in Mom’s car this week and behaved myself the whole time
  4. I have not shredded toilet paper for a week (although I did get into some paper towels – I guess I still need paper anonymous)
  5. I’ve never to this day had an accident in the house and always go potty outside.  This is old news as I was fully potty-trained at 8 weeks.  I guess you could say I am an overachiever but only with things I want to do
  6. I always eat my vegetables without a complaint and my favorite is broccoli
  7. I went to see a new friend Koby yesterday and played very nicely with him at his casa – Dad made us look cartoon-like to be funny…I kind of like the psychedelic look

I still could improve on car etiquette with Dad, lowering my propensity for counter surfing, and barking too loudly when someone I don’t know walks by the house but for the most part I’m turning out to be a respectable dog.

I always appreciate all my fellow blog friends and invite you to come by and give me treats when you are in the neighborhood.

Peace People!

Perry is SAD for New Jersey Shore

photoSome of my family lives in New Jersey so a little bit of my heart lives there too.  I was sad to hear about how the Jersey shore was hurt.  I was feeling bad about it so I dug through my toy box and found my stuffy from the NJ boardwalk.  I kept it close to me as I was thinking and saying some prayers for the people in NJ.

Otherwise I have been doing fairly OK except I did get into a little bit of trouble this past week.  I’m not really sure what the big deal was?

I snuck on the counter and got the big fancy fluffy role of paper towels (it is so deliciously soft) and took it into my crate and made a big mess.  Then I was feeling a little guilty and Dad was not giving me the attention I require so I went and “lifted” his glasses off the coffee table.

photo-2No I know this makes him go CRAZY so I casually walked up to him with them in my mouth.  I watched the veins pop out in his neck while he yelled “crate.”  I walked slowly down the hall with him in tow and went in my crate amongst the new fluffy VIVA paper towel bed.  I’m not sure why he was upset since I was confessing and he apparently did not receive my confession as well as could be expected.

No worries people since I have him wrapped around my paws.  You see later that afternoon I just snuggled up to him and we took a nap.

My heart and prayers go out to those affected by the fire on the New Jersey boardwalk.

It Was Perry Week

IMG_6380-001It was MY Week!

So we started off the week with my head shots or should I say my body shots since the whole of me was in the pictures.  I know Dad was worried but I’m not sure why…we all know he’s a worry well so I guess that’s it.  Mom stayed for the pictures to help Dad and Uncle Andrew but what the fuss was I’m not sure since I did just fine.  They had all their shots in a matter of minutes.  I know how to look great so when I want to!  See how regal and serious I am and not EVEN touching one of the cookies being the show dog that I am.

Two days later brought more excitement…the Batchelor Grandparents came for a quick visit before they left for the airport to go see my Aunt Wendy and the boys in Atlanta.  I love when they are here as I get to be a little more spoiled then usual.

I did get into a little bit of trouble, as I continually wanted to get into their bedroom in the middle of the night.  It made Dad crazy but then again what does not make him crazy?

Of course my squeak friend the squirrel remains my nemesis and is always taunting me to chase him.  I do lay in wait as I watch him come up to the side windows on the fence and scream at me to come outside.  Mom can’t believe he does this every day.  Lately the PITA has been bold by playing on the back step while I am going postal on the other side of the glass.

As for the rest of the family Mom spoke again for LA Care this week and Dad is organizing some people and I am being “perfect” as usual.  I even helped Mom perfect the Lemon Bars last night for the new cookie book.  Remember I have my own dog cookie and a few of them are unfortunately hidden in the refrigerator.

OK, I need to do backyard patrol to prevent PITA squirrel from trying to take it over.

I’m Laboring on Labor Day with my Cookie Debut

photo-1I can hardly keep my eyes open people!

We all know how much I love consistency and when my schedule gets disrupted I become a little…let’s just say…crazy.

OK, let me do some explaining.

The parentals have been working hard trying out different recipes and creations for a potential future cookbook.  I love this since we have all been in the kitchen working on the Gluten-Free cookies for the new E-book.

It is now apparent that the parent’s work too much because they are always working on projects, and yesterday did NOT include me!

Apparently it was a big cooking day and I was excited because I would be able to be co- captain in the kitchen.  Low and behold I did not have that opportunity since I was sent to my club The Wags Club for a sleepover.  What????!!!

photoI had a rough night, and was up and down and could not settle down since I was not in my own bed.  I was lonely and sad and when Dad came to pick me up this morning and I could not get out of there fast enough.  What was he not thinking?  Leaving me out of all the fun!

All right – I will get to the point.  I have been resting all afternoon and I hear Dad is concerned, as I have to be ready for pictures tomorrow morning.  Mom did make my doggie cookies today and Dad and Uncle Andrew are shooting my picture with my cookie tomorrow – it should be a fun festive day!

That said people I need to get my beauty rest because I want to be ready for my close ups tomorrow.  I guess I will be in fact laboring on Labor Day!