I’m Getting Better and Here’s my Report Card

203I’m 20 months old right now and Mom says she can’t wait till I’m 2.  Auntie Deb in Florida says I will be a great dog at 3 so that makes me excited to get older.

I still have many issues that need what Dad calls “training” but I thought I’d give you a current report card to let you know just how much I’ve improved:

  1. I can do a 10 minute wait for a snack when I want to…yes I drool but can wait even when the parentals leave the room
  2. I’ve slept on the chair in the living room all night by myself for at least a week without waking up Dad till 6:30 am
  3. I rode in Mom’s car this week and behaved myself the whole time
  4. I have not shredded toilet paper for a week (although I did get into some paper towels – I guess I still need paper anonymous)
  5. I’ve never to this day had an accident in the house and always go potty outside.  This is old news as I was fully potty-trained at 8 weeks.  I guess you could say I am an overachiever but only with things I want to do
  6. I always eat my vegetables without a complaint and my favorite is broccoli
  7. I went to see a new friend Koby yesterday and played very nicely with him at his casa – Dad made us look cartoon-like to be funny…I kind of like the psychedelic look

I still could improve on car etiquette with Dad, lowering my propensity for counter surfing, and barking too loudly when someone I don’t know walks by the house but for the most part I’m turning out to be a respectable dog.

I always appreciate all my fellow blog friends and invite you to come by and give me treats when you are in the neighborhood.

Peace People!

4 thoughts on “I’m Getting Better and Here’s my Report Card

  1. Way to go Perry!!!

    Maggie shares the barking at people outside problem too. But she is getting better. There is a good side to this “issue”. It lets all the bad people know this is not a house to mess with. Keep up the good work with training the parental unit.

    Uncle Pat

  2. Perry,

    Sounds like you are right on track with your growth and development. I”m sure that all of your antics keep your Mom and Dad feeling young!

    A big sloppy kiss from the Gainesville Florida Liquori’s

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