No Baby is Going to Steal my Stage

muddytoyThis was a most interesting week. Mom’s been bragging about one of her Pepperdine interns Victoria who helped out a lot of on her website…but remember all I really care about is MY website and MY blog. Who cares about Mom’s sites?

Well, I finally got to meet Victoria and her husband Mark since they are having a baby soon and Dad was taking pictures. They brought a toy for the pictures and I was not having any of it. I saw that toy, went into the bedroom and took it out of the bag and paraded with it in the back yard. I even dropped it in the mud – that will show Dad to pay attention to someone else besides me.

I really am a nice dog – it just seems when I am not the center of attention something comes over me and I have to make it ABOUT me! Maybe it’s some sort of dysfunction in my canine brain or that I have a slightly narcissistic breed?

Anyway, Dad got so angry and I knew it since the veins were popping out, and I was afraid I wouldn’t survive this one. Uncle Andrew was helping to take the pictures and he tried to calm everyone, and his picture gets featured today due to my bad behavior . Anyway, Mom got home and put me in the crate and it was all over.

IMG_9237I guess I’m thankful Dad was able to restore the toy to it’s almost newish self. I’m more thankful I’m the only child in this household.

I promise more interesting ventures soon. Dad is starting a new cookbook that is going to have some really COOL delicious recipes and I will be sharing those with you very soon if I don’t drool over all the recipes beforehand.

And I almost forgot – it’s very odd weather today in Santa Monica – there’s been a LITTLE bit of rain, some very scary lightening which I am NOT used to and a partly-cloudy 75 degrees.

The Weather Weinaraner is signing off for this week.



It’s about Mom this Week

photoUnfortunately this week is NOT about me.  Dad says it’s a nice change in the Dopart-Batchelor house since I may become too narcissistic.

Isn’t that what dogs are all about?  I’m not sure he knows this so maybe I just need to reinforce how the household works.  Maybe if I sulk here with the Mama Tooter blanket someone will feel sorry for me.

Mom redid her website and it’s all brand new.  The only reason she even knew how to navigate word press is because of my blog, but no one’s mentioning that.

So I guess I have to advertise for her this week.  If you want to take a look it’s actually pretty cool and much more complicated than my site.  If you want to know anything about nutrition and health here’s the place to go, but IF you just happen to want to know more about me, dogs, and dog nutrition just stay on my page.

The weather in Santa Monica this week is nothing to brag about – it seems to have reverted to June Gloom, although the sun is peeking out right now and it’s 73 degrees.  Much more next week my peeps!

Here’s to love and world peace!


Happy Coffee Weekend!

photo-2This weekend was very exciting and just a little bit of craziness. As you know the parental units are working away at some project or another but my energy level keeps me going…and well as everyone else in the house. That’s right folks – I still have my troublemaker self going strong which keeps them on their toes.

Like this morning – my itchy skin is back so I decided they had sufficient sleep and started my licking at 4:30 AM. I mean seriously, I went to bed at 8:30 last night and had my rest, but I want them on my schedule.

Dad was cool and got up with me and we went to the living room to let Mom rest. He was even patient with me and covered my feet with the blanket. It was pretty funny him using me as a pillow. He fell back asleep and we rested. OK, I was sort of cool and let him cruise through some Z’s but just for a short time. Then I woke him at 5:30 with a big load yawn in his face.

He mumbled something about my bad breath and we finally got up…

Next we went on a big walk and I got to see some of the neighborhood PITAS and that really got Dad walking. I was good and did not pull too much but those “friends” really get me going. They did not squeak like #1 PITA in the backyard.

Then things got really exciting since we went to Bar Nine Collective, a cool coffee-house in Culver City. My friend Zayde had the vision for making and serving the perfect cup of coffee and he made it happen. They even had a nice water dish for us canines.  I did get a little miffed since Dad got a yummy cookie and I did NOT since the canine cookies are at home.

With all this fun I had to have a serious moment. I hear there is a lot going on in the world lately and that makes me wonder, but glad I do not have to deal with it too much. We need to pray for people’s safety here in the US and to all my friends in other countries.

I mean I kept hearing about a “photo op” and got really excited. I love photo ops, so if any of you including the president wants one with me I will clear my calendar and pencil you in! You know me I love the attention people!

photoWell anyways, back to work folks!  We never really stop because there is always a project, which I love because I get to be a part of my pack.  I wasn’t getting quite enough attention as Dad was cooking this afternoon so I stole the Cook’s Illustrated magazine – LOTS of good eats in there but somehow Dad was not too happy with me.

So there you have it my life, some news and I am happy to report a warm, sunny 75 degrees here in Santa Monica.



Christmas in July?

photoI am a little confused but I am OK with this confusion. I thought July was the celebration of Independence and freedom. Normally I am not a fan of the July 4th holiday as it is very loud with fireworks and even though I am a gun dog the sounds make me more then nervous.

However, this time it was better because Mom’s parental units also known as my grand units came for the weekend and we had a grand time.

Since I had never met Grandma and Grandpa D they had some catching up to do and boy did they deliver! It was Christmas every few hours. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I got so many gifts I did not know what to do with myself.  First it started with this squeaky red toy and then it was 3 more toys ending in a toy PITA. I was good and played nicely with all the toys EXCEPT PITA so he went away – I just wish the one in the backyard would go away as well – then my life would be complete.

The other great thing that happened is we had LOTS of food, and of course I am on kitchen duty for any treat that might come my way, and I got more then my normal share. You see I know how to work any situation and I was an excellent dog. My barking was under control when strangers walked by, I did not knock this grandma over and PITA stayed away. I was top show dog and the praises continued…

As for the weather situation here in Santa Monica it has been a hot one for this holiday weekend and currently I am reporting mid 70’s, although is was over 80 in our house most of the weekend.  The parentals and grandparentals were a bit uncomfortable as we don’t have air conditioning but I think they need to toughen up like me!

Safe holiday travels to all of you.

Love Perry