Christmas in July?

photoI am a little confused but I am OK with this confusion. I thought July was the celebration of Independence and freedom. Normally I am not a fan of the July 4th holiday as it is very loud with fireworks and even though I am a gun dog the sounds make me more then nervous.

However, this time it was better because Mom’s parental units also known as my grand units came for the weekend and we had a grand time.

Since I had never met Grandma and Grandpa D they had some catching up to do and boy did they deliver! It was Christmas every few hours. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I got so many gifts I did not know what to do with myself.  First it started with this squeaky red toy and then it was 3 more toys ending in a toy PITA. I was good and played nicely with all the toys EXCEPT PITA so he went away – I just wish the one in the backyard would go away as well – then my life would be complete.

The other great thing that happened is we had LOTS of food, and of course I am on kitchen duty for any treat that might come my way, and I got more then my normal share. You see I know how to work any situation and I was an excellent dog. My barking was under control when strangers walked by, I did not knock this grandma over and PITA stayed away. I was top show dog and the praises continued…

As for the weather situation here in Santa Monica it has been a hot one for this holiday weekend and currently I am reporting mid 70’s, although is was over 80 in our house most of the weekend.  The parentals and grandparentals were a bit uncomfortable as we don’t have air conditioning but I think they need to toughen up like me!

Safe holiday travels to all of you.

Love Perry

2 thoughts on “Christmas in July?

  1. Hi Perry-
    I’m glad the grandparentals brought you presents. You deserve only the best. Otherwise it’s the squirrel treatment for them!
    Auntie C

  2. We sure liked meeting you Perry. You are one wonderful sweet sensitive “dog person”. We’ll miss you!! Love, G &; G.

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