It’s about Mom this Week

photoUnfortunately this week is NOT about me.  Dad says it’s a nice change in the Dopart-Batchelor house since I may become too narcissistic.

Isn’t that what dogs are all about?  I’m not sure he knows this so maybe I just need to reinforce how the household works.  Maybe if I sulk here with the Mama Tooter blanket someone will feel sorry for me.

Mom redid her website and it’s all brand new.  The only reason she even knew how to navigate word press is because of my blog, but no one’s mentioning that.

So I guess I have to advertise for her this week.  If you want to take a look it’s actually pretty cool and much more complicated than my site.  If you want to know anything about nutrition and health here’s the place to go, but IF you just happen to want to know more about me, dogs, and dog nutrition just stay on my page.

The weather in Santa Monica this week is nothing to brag about – it seems to have reverted to June Gloom, although the sun is peeking out right now and it’s 73 degrees.  Much more next week my peeps!

Here’s to love and world peace!


One thought on “It’s about Mom this Week

  1. What’s a “Mama Tooter” blanket? Is it from Tooter!! It’s 96 here today & going to be 101 tomorrow. enjoy your nice cool weather, Perry!!

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