Mom Teaches Motivational Interviewing at Westside Family Health Center

photoThe weather sure has been odd this past week folks…humid, overcast, not much sun and a little bit of rain. I really do not care as it does not prevent me from my daily walks and craziness. So as usual I remain the center spot light of the summer.

Last week I got to go to the country as the parentals were busy as usual. When are they not busy? I even got to spend a few extra days there as Dad had to do a job in Westlake Village.

However, it looks like my schedule is going to be crazy this week. I get the opportunity to go hang out at Westside Family Health Center, as this is one of Mom’s places where she teaches Motivational Interviewing and they like me so I get to go hang out and see the staff and patients. I cannot wait for all of the attention and affections I will be getting.  They are featured here at Mom’s training but I get to be featured with them for next week’s blog!

AND I get to go try out this new place call the Pooch Hotel because next Saturday the units will be teaching Motivational Interviewing in San Bernardino. No worries people – I love meeting new people and hanging out with new friends.  I do get a little anxious with anything new but I soon get over myself.

photo-2As for the news there is still a lot going on in the world so we need to pray for the safety of people and their families.  I do say my prayers every night before my “sleeps” as Dad says so I can have someone up there watching over me.

It’s a lazy muggy day in Santa Monica and I’m a bit bored so if you have some free time please come and hang out with me and if you have treats make sure to bring those as well!

Love Perry

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