IMG_2298This week was pretty cool and awesome. One of Dad’s friends of many years moved back to town and I got to hang out with him. The last time he was here I jumped up into his lap and just soaked up the attention and affections that I so require. Don’t tell anyone but I have a little man crush on him.

Michael is pretty important to the parentals’ as he was in their wedding many years ago and was Dad’s roommate at one time. They have been buddies for 15 years and now he is mine. He is a surfer and doctor for young kids so he is cool in my books. Check out our picture!

Besides the Michael visit this week has been a little challenging for me. You know how I was bragging and all about my growing up and being good about not door dashing? Well, I had a few party fouls and got Mom and Dad all worked up.

I don’t get why they get all upset. I mean come on – I would never run away! I have it way too easy. Every once in a while I just need to stretch my legs a little. It is so ridiculously cool to run and Dad says I look like a gazelle prancing to and fro.

And it’s almost Christmas and didn’t Santa have something named Prancer? OR was it that lady who did the prancercise exercise, which is called funky Punky prancercise program.  What?  That girl stole my name?

Regardless, Dad keeps telling me I do not have automobile consciousness…whatever that means. Parent’s can be so frustrating and they need to get over themselves.

Well that is the update, oh yeah I forgot it rained pretty hard 2 nights ago and that was cool because I tracked mud into the house. Love the mud and enjoy it so much more when I can play chase in the house leaving my prints everywhere…they call that a weimcrime in my town.  Regardless we REALLY needed the rain since we’ve had NO rain.

Today’s temp is a moderate 68 degrees in Santa Monica and don’t forget to vote in the elections this Tuesday it is your Constitutional Right?

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