My Latest Weim Crime

The sanity of the season is getting the better of me. I am trying very hard to be positive, kind and good as not to get on the naughty list. Truthfully, it IMG_2334has been a little challenging.

I got into a double trouble the other day and though I blame it on Dad I have to admit it was pretty fun to watch.

First I decided that Dad was not paying sufficient attention to me so I remember Mom putting a little plastic thing in a little cup, behind the computer.  She wasn’t home but I overheard her telling Dad it was called a thumb drive and had important stuff on it. As you can see I really gave the little red device a once over and Mom was not a happy camper when she saw it.


Next, Dad was trying to photograph a beautiful cupcake for his new website and I got into my second Weim Crime. Yep – that is right folks – I went in low, quick and fast. It was by his foot in the box and he was shooting the plate and the next thing you know I was in and out. Just like that!

But the best part was that when he finally noticed when I was to far away holding the delicious thing in my mouth. The hardest part was not gobbling it down in 0 seconds flat. I taunted him with it and as he stepped in for the retrieve….I swallowed it and licked the frosting off my nose.

Day total….Perry 2 the parental NONE!

We had a really hot Thanksgiving and all of us went on a morning beach walk. The best part was I got to visit Perry’s Cafe IMG_1428and rentals.  It’s about time they city of Santa Monica recognized my name as an important place on the beach.  The nice man took his picture with me – I’m going to back soon since I may have fans there I’m missing out on.

Until next week stay safe and I would recommend staying away from Walmart’s since I heard people there were fighting over TVs this morning.  I’m not sure why a TV is all that important but Santa is going to put those people on the BIG naughty list and maybe my Weim crimes will seem insignificant.

Later People!


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