Post Christmas Visitor

IMG_3193So this year the parental units decided to stay home. They wanted to have a mellow Christmas. Honestly, I don’t think it was “mellow” as we all spent 4 days cleaning out all the closets, cabinets, and the garage. Dad claims you should clean out 50% of your “stuff” by the time you are 65. I’m not sure why they have to do it now since the parentals have at least a while before that time, but typically everything is organized and planned out at Casa de Perry. That is how we roll.

Yesterday, they decided to set me up with a “lady” friend. I did not have much luck with the Tutu as you might remember so I was hesitant, but since it was not really a date I thought it would be okay.

I’ve met Viva before at her house and now she came to my house while her family was out-of-town. Before she got here I was told ad nauseam that I needed to be a perfect gentlemen, which is code for “don’t be bossy and have manners.”

Let me just tell you this folks…from the moment she arrived she was bossy one. What is this with the bossy ladies people? She stole my toy and sat in my chair all within the first 10 minutes.

I was not going to have any of that so I took her toy and hid it outside. Then I came in and plopped myself on her bed. That will teach her. NOT…she just growled at me and then had the audacity to wag her tail in front of me and go rub up against Dad. He was giving her MY love, attention and affections. Game on Viva!

IMG_3287To top it off the parental’s decided to take this awkward prom photo. As you can see I was not impressed.

Next was mealtime. Yes, she was still here but I had to wait because she took her time while eating. All right, I will give it to her that she does have eating manners, and eats quite lady like which is not my cup of tea.

After a few words of encouragement we were playing outside and that was cool. Then Mom took her for a walk WITHOUT me and then told Dad she was the perfect walker unlike me who is always pulling – isn’t that what walks are all about?

Before long I was getting tired and realized that it was bedtime. WHAT…she is staying the night? Don’t get too excited folks about the sleepover. It was very I Love Lucy with separate beds. However, she did get to sleep closer to Dad’s side.

I was pretty tired but I was able to be a gentlemen. In the middle of the night The Viva stirred and Dad got up to take her out. It was really cold but I wanted to make sure she was OK in the dark so I got up and went out with her.

The next day she was much sweeter to me and we played nicely in the sandbox. We even hung out together and had snacks side by side. AND when another dog walked by the house she joined me at barking at them – how’s that for camaraderie?  I was actually a little sad to see her go but since Mom is friends with her Mom I’m sure I’ll see her soon enough.

So there you have my Christmas “vacation” in a nutshell. At least we were all together and that’s what holidays are about, right?

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and please remember to be safe on New Years Eve.

It’s been quite chilly for Santa Monica the last few days and I may need to start wearing a sweater so send me some cashmere if you can spare it.

Love Perry

Almost Christmas

IMG_3195The BIG stick in our living room with lights is entirely too tempting for me.  When the parentals get me irritated I just want to touch it and play with all the fun toys on it.  However, I did get busted with taking one of the little crystal things on the stick and Dad was quite upset and I got a time out.

Since it’s ALMOST Christmas – only 4 days and counting – I’m wondering about these pretty bags under the stick.

I’ve sniffed and looked and tried to open one but again the parentals are always on to me and I’m prevented from getting my mission accomplished.

I did get quite excited last night as Auntie Chris made a special visit to see me AND I got my own toy squirrel – also known as PITA.  She brought Dad her yearly brown bread with cream cheese but somehow I was not offered any – maybe next year.

I hear the post office is still open tomorrow so please send more gifts and treats as I have not had sufficient ones yet.  I guess I should be satisfied with less, especially since I’m much more fortunate than most so I’ll sign off for  now.

It was a pleasant 65 degrees in Santa Monica today and the rain has held up for a few days so Dad is happy with less mud on my paws.

Christmas barks from Perry!

Jingle Bell Land

FullSizeRenderI am SOOOO tired.  This is highly unusual folks but watching all these people running around buying strange colored boxes with odd little strings on them.  It’s strange enough we have this tree in our living room that has tiny attachments I am supposed to just “look at.”  What is that about?

However, I do occasionally do a “lean in” to the tree, which makes Dad goes insane since I  jingle those little things they hid on the tree.  But isn’t there a man who jingles with a red bucket?  I heard about the Salvation Army men who jingle, and I know the parentals are gathering their donations for the less fortunate.

What’s the use of just looking at a tree if you can’t smell it, crunch it or fetch it?  I’m not sure I know what this Christmas thing is all about yet.

It rained really hard this week, and the yard is a swampland.  I guess I better leave the tree alone because I got in enough trouble with bringing in my wet muddy paws all over the floor and sliding on the baseboards which gives Dad extra work.  Maybe Santa will overlook this one time offense.

All I know it’s dark early, I’m hungrier than ever, and maybe I have the holiday blues so please come and visit since guests always cheer me up.  Remember to bring treats since I have been told I am a bottomless pit whatever that means.

By the way, the temperature was a breezy 65 degrees.



It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

IMG_3067What an AWESOME weekend People!

Mom was gone so Dad and I had some boys lounging time on Friday and Saturday and watching mindless television. It was beyond cool since Dad added in some extra Scooby snacks.

We picked up Mom at the airport Saturday night since she was gone to Portland, Maine to do those Motivational Interviewing Training things she seems to always do. I really don’t understand since I’m always motivated to eat healthy but I guess humans aren’t always as smart as us canines.

Sunday morning we woke up and next thing I know Dad was in what they call “the Christmas spirit” and told us all to load up. I know that phrase like the back of my paw. Where were we going? I was just too excited…road trip??

Soon I found myself standing in the middle of a Christmas tree lot, the best one on the west side which is Delancey Street Christmas Trees. The men were so nice to me and gave me lots of attention and pets so I would definitely go back their next year.  Oh the SMELLS, and of course Dad had me on a short leash so I would not mark those trees not that I would even think about doing that.

I have been really good with the tree but then again the parentals are tempting me with this huge stick in the living room?

I am trying to be good. I must be doing a good job because Auntie Marjorie in NJ sent me some packages for my resting times. Thank you Auntie Marj-or-ie as Dad says.