Super Bowl 2015

IMG_1876Hello Sports Fans…I hope that this Super Bowl weekend was fun and that your favorite team won. If they did not win I at least hope that you enjoyed the commercials or the halftime show. I believe Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz did a good job.

I did not really pay too much attention as I was also hanging out with one of my lady friends…The Tutu. Yep – she came over and of course she stole my bone AGAIN but it was cool as I had more important things to do outside.

I thought leaving her alone and staying out of her way would be best but NO she came looking for me and ended up finding me outside. We hung out for a little, but her heavy breathing is a bit much and it sort of scares me like Darth Vader, but I’m trying to be braver as I am almost 3 times her size.

Also, this weekend the weather was perfect so I got to really enjoy my walks.

Since Mom writes her own blog I’m trying to support her and develop mindful eating. She wrote one on the Super Bowl being the second largest eating day in the US behind Thanksgiving so I tried to be an intuitive eater today amidst all the treats.


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