I Had a Grown-Up Day Today

IngosToday was an amazing day – there was so much that happened.

I was left out of my crate not only ONCE but TWICE!  The first time when the parentals went to church and second time when they went to do a food review at the new hip Santa Monica restaurant Ingo’s.

Ingos was the original restaurant Callahan’s and was recently bought by Mom’s friend Bob Lynn who invited them for the opening.  The only bad part was I was NOT invited which was the bummer but I got to stay home all alone and roam the house, AKA lounge on the ottoman.  You can see Mom sneaking a picture of Dad sitting in the booth.

AND I passed the home test as I patiently sat on my throne till they got home and did not disturb anything in the house – even the pens, which I still have a secret addiction to.  Mom says I should go to Pens Anonymous but I told her I would be the only one present.

Anyway, less is more so I will leave it at that.  The weather was amazing AND I got to go on TWO walks because we are finding that more walks lower insulin resistance and use our glut4 muscles whatever that means.

Love Punky

MELLOWNESS in Santa Monica

IMG_2050 2This weekend has been sort of interesting and the key word is mellow and soup.

Dad’s been on a soup kick but it’s not because any of us are sick.  I’ve been a bit sulky since I want to GO somewhere and for a not so good change for me I’m stuck at home.

One of our good friends had surgery and Dad made him homemade chicken soup to help him feel better.  I was a bit jealous since I did NOT get to go to the hospital but as of now I’m not allowed – hence the reason Dad has to get my service cape so I can do those sorts of things.

IMG_2049Today Dad made ANOTHER soup – French Onion – and this one took him hours.  It looked quite yummy but again I was not allowed to be involved in this process since canines cannot eat onions, or so I’m told.  I thought it was a bit odd since he was crying all morning, but Mom said it was just the onions.

I thought I’d post a picture so you could all see it.  Auntie Chris is coming tomorrow so Dad thought he would make something special for HER.  I guess if I get to see her, it’s all good.

The best news is the weather is pretty spectacular in Santa Monica today – a cool beautiful sky with a nice breeze.  Dad and I have been enjoying the new patio and yard work he’s done this weekend.  We are looking forward to some summer dinners and maybe even a party (?)

Love to All!


Happy Peaster

PerrypatioThere is a lot to celebrate this week…patio, Passover and Easter all within 7 days.

Yep – that’s right folks – our week started out with a bang and ended up on a reflection.

Monday and Tuesday Dad and Zach worked long hours and created a beautiful paver, patio which added a nice outside space for our family. What I like best about it was that unbeknownst to Dad he subconsciously color coordinated the patio to match ME…once again, it is all about me here at Casa de Perry.

Even though I only watched Dad and Zach moved over 20,000 pounds to create the nice oasis in the backyard and do some work in the front yard, it was still a workout going to and fro with all our supplies.

All in all our yard got a nice little face lift.

This year Passover fell on Good Friday and today is Easter, and Mom’s friend Lisa said it was a “happy peaster.”  Last year I had an egg hunt in the back yard, and this year my gift was being left outside my crate while the parental units went to church. Now that is what I call the good life.

Otherwise we are hanging tight here in Santa Monica and the weather was a beautiful spring 70 degree day!

Happy Easter Peeps…but don’t eat the peeps since they are a bit high in sugar.