MELLOWNESS in Santa Monica

IMG_2050 2This weekend has been sort of interesting and the key word is mellow and soup.

Dad’s been on a soup kick but it’s not because any of us are sick.  I’ve been a bit sulky since I want to GO somewhere and for a not so good change for me I’m stuck at home.

One of our good friends had surgery and Dad made him homemade chicken soup to help him feel better.  I was a bit jealous since I did NOT get to go to the hospital but as of now I’m not allowed – hence the reason Dad has to get my service cape so I can do those sorts of things.

IMG_2049Today Dad made ANOTHER soup – French Onion – and this one took him hours.  It looked quite yummy but again I was not allowed to be involved in this process since canines cannot eat onions, or so I’m told.  I thought it was a bit odd since he was crying all morning, but Mom said it was just the onions.

I thought I’d post a picture so you could all see it.  Auntie Chris is coming tomorrow so Dad thought he would make something special for HER.  I guess if I get to see her, it’s all good.

The best news is the weather is pretty spectacular in Santa Monica today – a cool beautiful sky with a nice breeze.  Dad and I have been enjoying the new patio and yard work he’s done this weekend.  We are looking forward to some summer dinners and maybe even a party (?)

Love to All!


One thought on “MELLOWNESS in Santa Monica

  1. Perry,

    Celebrate the fact you were not part of the onion soup. Onion’s are a very sad veggie and they make just about everyone cry. If you think dog breath is bad, onion breath is even worse.

    Uncle Pat

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