I Had a Grown-Up Day Today

IngosToday was an amazing day – there was so much that happened.

I was left out of my crate not only ONCE but TWICE!  The first time when the parentals went to church and second time when they went to do a food review at the new hip Santa Monica restaurant Ingo’s.

Ingos was the original restaurant Callahan’s and was recently bought by Mom’s friend Bob Lynn who invited them for the opening.  The only bad part was I was NOT invited which was the bummer but I got to stay home all alone and roam the house, AKA lounge on the ottoman.  You can see Mom sneaking a picture of Dad sitting in the booth.

AND I passed the home test as I patiently sat on my throne till they got home and did not disturb anything in the house – even the pens, which I still have a secret addiction to.  Mom says I should go to Pens Anonymous but I told her I would be the only one present.

Anyway, less is more so I will leave it at that.  The weather was amazing AND I got to go on TWO walks because we are finding that more walks lower insulin resistance and use our glut4 muscles whatever that means.

Love Punky

2 thoughts on “I Had a Grown-Up Day Today

  1. Perry, You would not be the only one at Pens Anonymous. Maggie will also sneak a pen or pencil off the table and take it to her lair to chew on. Uncle Pat.

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