About Perry’s Parents

Susan Dopart and Jeffrey Batchelor are my parents.

Susan is a Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Certified Diabetes Educator and has a goal of keeping me healthy.  She specializes in medical nutrition-related issues, including diabetes and endocrinology, heart disease, weight management, cancer, pregnancy, infertility, PCOS, and exercise nutrition. She started this blog to find out how to translate her love for healthy eating into healthy eating for dogs.  Susan wrote a book called A Recipe for Life by the Doctor’s Dietitian , and a book on healthy eating for pregnant mom’s called Healthy You, Healthy Baby:  A mother’s guide to gestational diabetes.

Her newest books are A Healthy Baker’s Dozen and 101 Ways to Control your Diabetes. Maybe she’ll write a book on healthy eating for dogs.  For now, she’s busy figuring out how to train and feed me.

 Jeffrey is a photographer and organizer.  He has taken some cool pictures of me and plans to make me a “show dog”  for pictures.

Jeffrey is primarily responsible for training me and trying to help me behave.  He organizes a lot of people’s lives and tries to keep me on a schedule most of the time.  We will see how long that lasts…

7 thoughts on “About Perry’s Parents

  1. You guys are too cute! (and so is Perry). Very entertaining blog. This must be what Perry is thinking I am sure. Love the orange flower in mouth picture! Jeffrey can you take a picture of me with an orange flower in my mouth? (I doubt I would look as cute….)

  2. i can’t wait to read more of Perry’s adventures and watch him grow. Looks like he is making a joyful noise in the Dopart-Bachelor house.

  3. Welcome nephew Perry! You are smart, handsome, and most importantly loved! We are so happy you are part of your mom and dad’s lives. How did they ever live without you?

  4. What a beautiful Puppy Perry is!!! I love all the adorable pictures! I’m so looking forward to reading your book:)

  5. what a cutie-pie (during his puppy days). sigh, they do grow so-o-o quickly! love the captions of perry’s thoughts – i suspected it was you :]

  6. Perry, you are amazing, we met earlier this evening at Williams-Sonoma Santa Monica, you are so handsome and loving, I am so happy your Mom & Dad introduced me to you, I hope you come see me at the store soon, I will try to remember to pack some treats, glad to hear about your successful parents, nutrition and the photographic arts are great to have in your life, Your new friend, Gloria, Venice Beach, California (I was the Williams Sonoma gal you met at the cooking counter!) Happy Holidays & See you Soon, Hugs, lots of them!

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