My Christmas Guest

img_5634It’s been a busy month around our house with food testing, and doing “year end” things as Dad calls them. It seems like it’s always about food in our house which is A-OK by me.

Last week we had a little furry visitor named Viva. You may recall she came two years ago for the Christmas holiday. I couldn’t help myself but I was a little cold the first day as I had to share my toys, my bed, my favorite chair AND the parentals.

However, I did warm up to having her around since there were extra toys to play with, more walks and treats. She did have this wonderful habit of leaving her food in her bowl which I’ve never even thought of doing.  I tried to eat her food but unfortunately Mom watched the whole time so I could not even sneak a bite.

I thought she was trying to take over but on the second evening she actually put her paw on mine trying to show her appreciation – it was very sweet.

When it came time for Viva to leave, Mom was beyond surprised that I whined a little bit that my lady friend was leaving, but then life changed and I was on to the next adventure.  Thanks to all for following my blog this year and let’s hope the New Year will bring more love, treats and peace to all man and caninekind.

The weather has been pretty cold for LA and it’s actually been raining – a phenomena we rarely experience here.

Love Perry


I LOVE to Chew

I don’t differentiate – I love to chew whatever I get my paws on and they are getting VERY big!  Mom is a becoming concerned at how rapidly I am gaining weight since I’m now at 26 pounds!


Mom tried a few things to get me to stop biting.  First she tried Yuck for dogs and I LOVED it – licked it off wherever she sprayed it on.  The nice man at the Pet store took it back and let her exchange it for Tropiclean chew deterrent whatever that means – I’m not sure what one I loved more but they both tasted great to me.  I think they gave up finding another one since they let me chew on a box that their book A Recipe for Life came in and here I am with it!!