I’ve Been Under The Weather

Can you believe that?  The Weather Weimaraner is under the weather.  I’ve been out of commission folks.  I’ve been excessively licking since my skin was SO itchy.  I even licked my feet till they bled and now I have scabs and so I cannot be photographed at present.  I had to wear little socks that were NOT flattering.

Apparently I have this SENSITIVE system and ate a treat at daycare that did not agree with me.  I broke out into welts all over within a few hours and had to go to the vet and get a BIG shot and lots of medicine.  It’s getting a little better but the parentals had to switch my food to some hypoallergenic one – as long as it’s tasty and does not have carrots I don’t mind.

I’ll eat anything but carrots which Mom says does not make sense.  It’s just one of those odd things about me that makes me stand out from other dogs.

So no weather report today – I’ll catch up with you all next week!

Love The Sensitive Weimariner