I need to go to Bones Anonymous

photo-1Mom thinks I need to go to Bones Anonymous.  Dad is my supplier and gets my bones from Bob’s and they are healthy for me so why not?  Besides, Dad knows it’s the best babysitter EVER!

However, it does seem that my bone addiction takes over the house and on occasion I have heard a scream in the middle of the night from someone stepping on a chewed up slobbery bone.

And we all know from our ancestors (I’ve been reading a thing or two) that bones are good for my shiny coat besides keeping me very busy…

Christmas Gifts and Cookies!

IMG-20121222-00871I think I’m really liking this season called Christmas.  First Auntie Chris came to visit me on Friday – she let me lick her face, she played with me and even stayed to tuck me in at night.  I was so sad to see her leave I tried to delay bedtime, but it did not work.

This Christmas thing is pretty cool- you get free gifts like the one Grandma and Grandpa D and Auntie Amy.  They sent me this cool dish portable water bowl I can take with me on trips – I knew it was mine when it came and snagged it off the table along with the bone and here I am enjoying my gift all by myself.

Did I mention the snacks?  Dad likes to call them scooby snacks but I don’t care what they are called just as long as I can have some.  This weekend the parental units have been in the kitchen making food.  And I found out when Mom makes cookies I am just FIXATED on her and the possibilities of some falling on the floor.  The smell of the cookies makes my heart sing!  We know now that I am truly a Dopart-Batchelor dog since there is no other place I’d rather be than in the kitchen.  I AM a foodie so it’s a good thing my Mom is a dietitian just in case I start to look like that metabolically challenged kitty a few blogs ago.

photoAs you can see I was trying to steal the dough bowl or at least a lick but I overheard Mom telling Dad dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate – that did not faze me in the least since it smelled SO good.  Mom said I get plenty of treats and these were for humans only but I think I’ve been around long enough to be human, right?

Today I worked with Dad in the garage since he was getting a donation together to drop off at Harvest Home.  This is a wonderful place to help women who are pregnant and do not have a home.  Mom teaches nutrition there and Dad is going to help organize them.  All I care about is I get to go there this year since they have a house dog for me to play with.  Hope you are all having a nice holiday – I’m going to spend the rest of the day eating my bone from Bob’s and listening to holiday music.  I hear I may get to watch a Christmas movie tonight – all I care about is the snacks while we watch it….

I’m the Santa Monica Dog that Recycles!

Dad thinks he’s a genius by placing my favorite stones I like bring into the house up high.  But as you can see my latest growth spurt helps me get to high places.  Plus – I’m the poster child for recycling.

Recycling is an important aspect of life and all of us need to take an active role that it’s done correctly.  I was just checking to make sure Mom and Dad were putting the correct items in the recycle bin.

Things are really crazy right now at my house.  They are painting the doors and Dad is stripping all the hardware.  It has been SO much fun since there are no barriers and I have free reign of the house.  One good thing out of the chaos is Mom bought big marrow bones from Bob’s butcher.  They are yummy but they only tie me over for 45 minutes whereas they last most dogs a few days.  I clean them up really well.

So the house has no doors right now – but lots of sanding dust and a graveyard of bones.  Hmmm…I think I’m making my mark nicely.