Happy Spring and Easter!

photoThings are just cruising along nicely this week.  Dad has been busy with his Photography class and clients, Mom is preparing to be interviewed on TV,  and I have been experiencing this thing called Easter.  Boy do I wish I could we could have that everyday.  Today all of us got up early and went for a long walk by the beach and Santa Monica Pier.  I love all the attention from my fan base.  I was a little frustrated that Dad would not let me run and chase these things he called rats with wings.   I think they are called pigeons and they would just taunt me by walking all around me and slowly just out of leash reach.

Because of this special day, the parental units gave me a new food to try out called Nulo, which I might add is not only very healthy but also rather tasty.  I hear they may be letting me have more of it.   But everything has to pass mom’s test of health.


Plus I continue to get my daily dose of marrowbones, which I cannot complain about.  When I nudge dad with my noise making toys he asks me if I need a baby-sitting snack?  OF COURSE I DO!  I am the equivalent to the canine garbage disposal.  I love the snacks and treats.  However, I still get into trouble if I try to do a self-service snack on the counter.

On a bummer note, my aunty Francine, at “the Day’s” that Dad nicknamed for my puppy daycare at Centinela Pet and Supplies, found a owie on my toe.  Dad is making me go to see my vet Dr. Annie Hernandez at Santa Monica Pet Center tomorrow.  She took good care of my predecessor the famous George.  It’s a good things she’s nice and sweet since I’m like most men in that I don’t like going to the doctor.  I guess I have to be thankful I have nice people watching out for my every need.  I love you Aunty Francine.

OK people,  sending you bunny thoughts and chocolate kisses.

My Better Report Card

imagejpeg952I’m almost 14 months old and have decided to be a better canine being, although I do have the occasional bouts of being a troublemaker.  Here’s the current report card:

1.  I play nicely at Day Care with all my friends.  Here is one of my favorite friends Kayden who I love hanging out with and it’s pretty cool since when humans see us they take a double look.  He’s a fellow Weimie (can you tell which one is me?) who is a year older than me but I’m BIGGER than him.  I wonder why that is?

2.  I drop things now except for bricks since I know it makes Dad crazy.  He continues to yell “drop it” and today he told me that I would be given up for adoption if I broke my teeth because he refused he have a dog with bad teeth.  Now who is narcissist? He seemed pretty serious about it so I brought it to the door and dropped it for Mom to put away.  I can’t be trusted with bricks.

3.  I have not touched the toilet paper for at least 4 weeks.  Mom is really impressed with that one.

4.  I sleep in my bed all night without a peep.  A few mornings ago Mom had to be up very early for a training and I got up and then went back to bed – boy, that surprised the parental units as I’m usually always up before them.

5.  I get tired by 6 pm and then just lay on “my” chair – the ottoman.  It’s the only one I’m allowed on in the house so I just claim it after dinner.

6.  Stealing the remote controls has dissipated and they now can be left out in plain sight.

Dad says the house is slowly being restored to it’s former state and I heard Mom telling him they can see the light at the end of puppyhood.  What will I do if the puppy blog is done?  I guess I’d have to graduate to an adult blog but I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that.  Auntie Aileen says to give me another year.


Chillin’ waiting for my Friends

work, dogs, perry, scotch, Centinela Feed, daycare, playing, resting,weimaranerAs a typical day goes, I have to be at what my Dad calls “the days” which is doggie day camp at Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies.

My friend Wendy Rios took this awesome picture of me – don’t I look handsome?  Things have been as usual busy around the house.

Dad is creating recipes for the new cookbook which I’m pleased about since I get some extra scooby snacks.

It was pretty exciting last night as I was going out to do my business before bed and out of the corner of my eyes I saw something saunter across the back yard and instantly I flew off the front porch and had IT’S tail in my mouth.

Mom and Dad were screaming “drop it” as I was running around trying to catch it.  It ran into the bushes and Dad was trying to pull my tail as I was trying to pull what they called the possum’s tail.  It was beyond thrilling – and that’s why it’s never a dull moment in the Dopart/Batchelor household.

Perry Proof

Both Mom and Dad worked today so I got to go to daycare again – do you see a theme here?  It might be my life for the next 2 weeks till Mom moves into her new office.

All the bottles at day care that help keep everyone clean and fresh have some strange writing on them that has something to do with me.  I’m not sure why but maybe because I love to steal them and make everyone run after me – that IS my favorite past time.  You should see these humans running after me when I steal something – maybe that’s why they call it the “human race?”

My Report Card

Last week was really fun.  I got to go to Doggie Day Camp a few extra days since Dad was really busy with getting Mom’s new office lease together.  I love the nice lady Francine who works there – she’s my side kick and helps keep me focused.

I guess I have to behave better since Dad got special permission for me to be at Mom’s new office, since after all,  I am supposed to be a service dog.  I do know how to wait at the door before going out.  I’m much better at coming when I’m called – especially if there is a treat involved.  My current favorite treat is Paul Newman’s Salmon and Sweet Potato.  Mom always gets me to come in if I get home of those.

I am really good when Dad gives me a bath.  I like going in my crate at night, and Mom covers me up with a blanket since I get really cold.  After all, I don’t have one of those high maintenance coats to keep me warm.  I guess that’s why I need so much exercise.  Good thing I don’t live in New York….

Puppy Day Camp transitions to Boot Camp

Dad tried to drop me off at the old day puppy day care today since he had one day left and when I got there I was really nervous and did not want to go behind the glass door.  I was shocked that Dad told the worker “he doesn’t want to be here.”  Dad listened to me and let me go back in the car with him.  He took me across town to the new Doggy day camp which I LOVE and I had so much fun.  I guess my parents do love me and listen to my fragile ness.

Mom picked me up after work and I was hungry since it was past my dinner time.  She picked me up in Dad’s car since her car did not want to start this morning.  She was not happy with how I like to ride in the car with my hind quarter in the back seat, and my front paws in the passenger seat.  My stomach hangs over the console and it feels like I’m surfing and I like it.

The rumors are true – I’m supposed to go to Puppy Boot Camp tomorrow.  I’m trying to be good and here I am sacked out from day care so what they expect of me?  They want me to not pull when I walk, they don’t want me to jump up when I get excited when they are home, they have a problem with me taking things and running.  Come ON!  I’m just getting my exercise and running.  I hope it is fun.  I know they will miss me when I’m gone….