MIA at Boot Camp

I have been MIA for a week or so because I’ve been away at that “boot camp” thing.  The parental units sent me to this nice lady named Shannon.

Actually, it has been much more exciting and fun then I could have ever imagine.  I am getting a lot of attention from people, kids and other dogs.  They even have a cat, maybe something I will put that on my Christmas list.

I hear the trainer lady Shannon talk about how they will be here in a few days to go back home.  I guess she needs to make sure that my training continues so I will not consider my house in LA the “naughty house.”  I’m learning how to stay, drop things I steal, walk without pulling and in general being what other people consider a good dog.  They are finding out I’m the nervous type so I might need a special collar called a Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar that helps me feel better- we’ll see about that.

I do miss Mom and Dad and  wonder how much they miss me, although I know we’ve both needed a break from each other.