Road Trip…

photo-2I like road trips just as long as they are not too long and I get lots of breaks to check out the sights along the way. This past weekend Dad and I took a boys trip to SLO to see the grand units and hang out at my club up there Thousand Hills Pet Resort.

It’s a cool place where I can play with other dogs, run outside in the dirt and smell the country air. I have been there before and they take great care of me and the other dogs. I haven’t had the opportunity to stay in one of the “cabin/house” areas for boarding but I am keeping my paws crossed for next time. The best part is I got a bath and came home all fresh with a great mani/pedi. They really know how to hook a pooch up.

That said…the trip did not start out too great. As you may already know I am not really into cats. Unfortunately they remind me of the PITAS in our backyard a little too much and when I see them I cannot help myself. I just go POSTAL!

photoIn the first five minutes of getting to the grandparents I was good until I saw their cat Sassy. Now I have had a few encounters with her before and she always runs and hides quickly. This time she just stayed in the chair and challenged me to a stare down. Dad had me on the leash and was lying on the floor.

I was good but I was not having that kitty win the stare down. She looked a little heavy so I thought I could take her.  She needs Mom’s services but I didn’t feel the need to share that information with her since after all, she is just a cat. I’m not weightist, it’s just that I’m not fond of these creatures so why offer any help?

The next thing I know the cat hissed and I lunged forward with ferocious barking all the while Dad had my leash and I was dragging him and got tangled up. To make matters worse my pride was hurt as that cat got away and she’s not nearly as fast as I am!

Apparently I will not be getting a kitty for Christmas, as I just want to chase and make them run. Not very nice of me I know but those furry creatures make me CRAZY!

All in all it was a good trip since I got to be in the country and escape the big city. However, I really wanted to get home to see Mom. She has been working like a dog (Ha Ha I made a funny) and I wanted to give her some support.

Newsflash….Major stuff going on in the world so please say your prayers for people’s safety. It was a very mild day in Santa Monica, reporting in at a sunny breezy 74 degrees.

OK folks that is all for the Perry report this week!

Peace and Love to all (Mom says I even have to say that for cats so okay – peace to the cats!)


I LOVE the Weekend!

photoThat is right folks – there is nothing more relaxing than chilling with my home pack and getting the extra Scooby Snacks I so deserve.

There seems to be a peace about the parentals being home, food smells in the air and it being overcast.  Granted it is 70 plus degrees and there seems to be no winter.  I feel for all my relatives who live in the since I am NOT good in the cold.

I still get cold at night and have to be covered up a few times.  I sure do have them trained, but I overheard Mom saying if I wake her up one more time at 3 am I’m going to have to go to the crate – apparently she needs her sleep time more than me.

Nonetheless, the weekend has been pretty great.  Last week was the usual workweek and trying to get projects done.  I hung out at my program and even got a “shampoo & set” so I would be fresh.  Apparently my dog essence was a little bit much for the Frebreze-crazed father of mine.

Friday the parentals went to Beverly Hills to do some work stuff.  Can you believe they did not even get me one of those cute Sprinkles cupcakes I so love?  However, they did get me this cool green bone, which I love thrusting at Dad.  I did hear the next time they may take me to that fancy city.

Then on Saturday it was an outing at Frontrunners to get Dad some much-needed tennis shoes (not sure why since he does not even play tennis) and the Great Earth Vitamin Store.  Mom is always educating about healthy supplements and how they help with everything from nerves, to anxiety and hormones.  We try to be a healthy family, although I don’t think I’m the most compliant one in the family given all “extras” that end up in my mouth throughout the day.  I tend to sneak things and have a bit of what Mom would call “disordered eating.”   Maybe I should go to one of those conferences with her instead of having to stay home!!

Today there was what they call home “training time.”  What!  I thought it was the weekend!  Well Dad has this brilliant idea that I am to meet all of the dogs in the neighborhood.  Yep I still have that little problem with having a bark attack when dogs walk by.  His thought was that if I get to know my so-called “friends” that I will sense them and be calmer.   Who is he kidding?

I wanted to send out a Happy Birthday to Grandma Evie since it was a big birthday for her and maybe soon I will get to give her a big birthday hug and kiss.

Later People.