Perry Shares the Spotlight

perry zade bdayAs summer is in the end stretch, I continue to have adventures and amaze the parentals with my maturity. Don’t get too excited – I can still prank with the best of them – hence the name Punky!

This morning while Dad was photographing this year’s Thanksgiving card, (Rite-Aid doesn’t have anything on us LOL) Mom and I went on a walk and I can proudly report back I did not pull once. I went easy on her, but if it were Dad he would not be as lucky.

Mom called it a little summer miracle since I walked right next to her – I figured it was time to act respectable since after all – I do live in the People’s Republic of Santa Monica.

Over the last few weeks Dad and I have been hanging out more than usual in the backyard. Actually, to be more exact, he’s been working and I’ve been helping with getting into things and making a mess. I did have a few time-outs this week and all this for a party.

Since the parental units are Baby Zade’s godparents, which I guess makes them god-units, they are having his first birthday party in OUR backyard. Dad is all about milking this godfather thing all the while I am trying to deal with the idea of this party since the backyard is MY territory.

One redeeming fact is at least I was on the invitation. However, I don’ t know what is worse – Dad being obnoxious about the godfather thing or all this over a 1-year-old taking over my backyard. I guess I will do the neighborly thing and let others have a moment in the sun of narcissism.

The weather has been crazy hot, but nice evenings and mornings. We have been eating out side on the patio…yep the parental’s took that over now. I am starting to LEARN life is about sharing and respecting other’s boundaries.

On the sharing note…the Donald is still showing up with his HAIR People!

Peace out Punky


_MG_0877OK, so I have a tendency to be self-absorbed at times and of course I love my own reflection in the mirror. Sometimes the parents catch me looking at myself in the big mirror. Don’t let them know, but I actually enjoy the nose prints I make as this causes Dad to go super crazy and we all know that is a fun adventure to watch.

In all seriousness reflections are a good place to contemplate where we have come from and the direction we are moving in. Life is a series of contemplations and reflections that is how we grow, change, adapt and inevitably survive.

Mom uses reflections with her patients to help them create healthy changes in their lives. Dad uses them when dealing with clients who are stuck with their stuff. I uses them to help me grow and adapt to this thing I call life.

One of the best parts of my life is how I have grown and am becoming a great dog. Yes I still get into trouble and my barking at dogs outside needs to be continually monitored. But I am maturing even to the point of being left outside that crate thing for an hour while they are gone. Granted they still do not leave all rooms accessible to me, which bums me out, but the freedom is awesome.

More importantly freedom allows us choices and liberties to speak freely and voice our opinions. Sort of like me voicing my barking about those dogs who are walking on my sidewalk.

However, with freedom comes a responsibility of being respectful of other’s feeling and boundaries. Also, we should never take for granted our freedom. Some in the world do not have that luxury of voice and choice.

Mom was reflecting how BIG I’ve become and how she would have liked me to stay little just a little longer so this picture is for her..

So reflect and be thankful.

Peace to all!