My Busy Week

photo-2Hello People!

This has been one fun busy week with lots of new people involved!

As you are well aware Mom does these Motivational Interviewing workshops but I don’t need motivation so not sure why anyone else would?? The important thing is she’s meeting all these fun people and I got to visit one group this week at Westside Family Health Center. The best part was Dad and I walked there since it’s close to the house, I got my picture taken with all the fun folks AND of course all pets and loves were abundant so no complaints here.

photo-3Next, I got to spend some quality time with my little friend Miami who came over to play and give me more love and attention. It’s been hot so we spent some time hanging out on the cool floor and I hope she comes back soon with her pretty Mom Jennifer. The little people always have more energy than the older parentals so they are always welcome in Casa de Perry.

And finally the parental units had to go to San Bernardino to do another Motivational Interviewing training at weCare, a group of pharmacists helping people with diabetes. Since it was far and they needed a nice place for the day for me for the day, I got to hang out at the Pooch Hotel. It is a really cool with lots of fun people and fellow four-legged friends. They even have a swimming pool but I did not get to go into that room. Maybe next time.

And finally I watched Dad pack up my crate and put it in the car. I overheard them talk about how him and I were going to go up to SLO to visit his parental units for a couple of days. I’m excited about going up the coast but not about the car ride.

The weather has been humid and muggy here in Santa Monica so nothing all that interesting from the Weather Weimaraner today.

Love and till next week,


My Routine is Off and Now They are Going Away

photo-1It’s been a hard week. I’ve been to the 2 new daycares and don’t really care for either one.  Mom told Dad I’ve regressed  which I think is normal given my situation, but Dad has tried to step up my training.  He’s really pushing all my buttons and it’s just not right.

To make matter worse, I’ve heard rumors that Mom and Dad are visiting Grandma in New Jersey for Mother’s Day and I don’t get to go with them.  I’m not happy about that!  I’ve been discriminated against for my weight and now I’m too big to fly across the country?  I can fit nicely in those airline seats thank you very much.

Dad had to pick me up some new luggage for my food for wherever they are sending me and when he came home with it I was pleasantly surprised.  I got my own Martha Stewart dog bag so I promptly stole it and ran down the hall.  Mom said it was too nice for me, and wanted it for herself.  Dad said it was on sale.  I wonder if Martha will let me be on her show with my bag.

Well, I have to get going.  No time to write since I have to pack enough food in my new bag for the outing.  No dieting for me.  Please send some scooby snacks since I’m always up for eating, no matter what time of day or night.

I’m A Bit Stressed With this Interviewing Process

imagejpeg952This dog interviewing process is killing me.  Thank goodness I do not have to wear a tie!  And if I hear the parentals tell me one more time to be on my best behavior I am going to have a serious melt down.

We all know I am still trying to deal with my rejection from the mean place Centinela Pet and Feed Supplies on Pico.  However, I am working through it so don’t worry too much.  The wonderful lady who took care of me, Francine, sent me a nice card that they missed me.  I miss Francine!

I do appreciate all the notes and calls and checking in on me.  I think this fawning all over me makes Dad a little jealous and I love it.  So keep it up.

I was accepted to a place  called the Wags club that has a big outside area and I liked it even though Dad compared it to high school.  I was the new kid on the block and I can hold my own but it was still scary.

Of course Mom was very nervous but we all got through it.  They were very LA and gave me a swag bag.  Unfortunately it was made for a little dog as the chew stick was the size of a pencil and I completely shredded the ball in less then 2 minutes.  Come on you fancy pants places get your swag right for us big dogs!  I ran around a lot though and it was fun.

This weekend was challenging since we had three appointments to “interview” me again.  I think this process makes Dad want to move out of LA and raise me on a farm.  Don’t know how I would feel about that as I love people too much and being on a farm might be great but oh so isolating.

OK, back to my story.  The first appointment was a home visit.  A nice man named Brent Rice from my puppy class when I was about 9 weeks came to see about setting up a program of training and exercise.  What training?  I think that means more commands but I know how that works…you do what they say and you get the treats.  And I love scooby snacks so it was okay.  I really liked him but he is very busy right now so next month we will hang out together.

Next we had an appointment at Pet Smart, Pet Hotel.  It was one of those big commercialized places that look all shiny and new.   It was a bit small for my size.  Remember I have lots of energy and need to run.

I knew this one wasn’t going to work all that well by the look on Dad’s face.  First he said to the lady, “you do realize Perry would take that mop and drag it all around your small room. “   Dad was throwing me under the bus – not too cool.

Next we were shown the private rooms that were the size of a bathroom but they did have a nice flat screen TV.   Then parentals just said on the way out it was an emergency only place.  I do wonder what channels they let us watch?

IMG-20130428-01006Next we went to Two Hands Four Paws, which specializes in animal rehabilitation.  They do have some day care but mostly for dogs about 50 pounds are less.  Gosh, what is up with the weight issues? Oh I forgot we are in LA, where Mom says everyone is concerned with his or her weight.  I think I’m just fine so not sure what the big deal is?

They had this cool huge pool you can swim in and underwater tread mills.  Dad was excited and on the way out said, if we have people over we can tire him out by having him go into the pool.  He makes me crazy; maybe he needs to be dumped into the pool.   If I ever have an injury Mom says this is the place to go.

Next we took a breather and went to the office.  I love going there and I hear that if I am really good I will be visiting a little bit more.  Keeping my paws crossed.

Emotional Animal Cruelty…that’s my Story and I am Having to deal with it.

photoI was so glad it was Friday.  Dad was taking me to the “day’s” as he calls it and I was going to hang with my buddies Francine, Terry, Esmeralda and the manager Rollie all day at Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies on Pico Boulevard.

Dad had a photo shoot in Malibu and Mom was speaking to a group of doctors on gestational diabetes so I was glad to go to my second favorite place.

I have been going there almost a full year with a few of my other big dog friends – Xahri and Kaydon and we are all called the “grandfathered in club.”

Next thing I know Dad and I are cruising down Pico with no traffic, and I was hanging out the window with my face in the wind!  I know the way there, so as we got past the 405 I start whining and bouncing around since we could not get there fast enough!

FINALLY we got there and Dad and I go in and all of a sudden the manager tells Dad I can’t come there anymore.  WHAT!!  What is going on?  This must be a really bad dream but I think I’m awake?

Let’s just say I did not hear the rest of it because as the manager went on I got scared of his voice.  Dad knew I was not ok and took me in another room.  I tried to look through the glass but the conversation went out into the store.

Apparently they are changing their policy to no dogs over 35 pounds.  What!!  Since I’m almost 75 pounds I would have to go on a crash diet and I don’t think Mom would approve of that.  What went wrong?

I play with small dogs all the time.   I love all dogs.  Why are they discriminating against me?  I don’t understand.  I’m so sad.

Dad was beyond irritated since the management had been planning this for a few months.  And now there is no time for me to find my new digs.

Later in the day Dad had a conversation with the main district manager Molly.  She was not sympathetic to having my life and routine completely disrupted and said I could “visit” if I wanted to.  What?  I’m told I cannot see my friends again, I’m too big to be there, but I can visit (?)

Dad was upset since I was supposed to be able to go there forever since I was grandfathered in.  I was there from the beginning.  I think it put Dad over the edge but I was the one who was in the middle of a nightmare.  Remember I don’t like my routine disrupted.  I’ve been training the parental units since the beginning so this is a big cramp in my schedule.  It even says on their web site on in West Los Angeles they take dogs of all sizes so is that false advertising?

Yesterday we had three appointments to try to find a new place for me.  The parental units were on it.  All life stopped and it was Defcom in the house:  phone calls, computers, websites and a control center of activity.


The first appointment was by my old digs.  At first, I got excited and thought maybe there is hope but no cigar.  It seemed clean and people were nice enough.

I got checked for fleas and diseases and apparently passed the test.  Then they put me in a room by myself and then brought in a few dogs one at a time.  I was sort of okay till they put me in a big room I had not seen before and that’s when I freaked out and starting running all over and barking.  I wanted out!  This was not my place and I think I had a full-blown panic attack so Dad got me out and we left.

Next we went to these two houses in Venice.  That was a mess because I am just too big and it would not work for people who just take in small dogs.

What is going on with the hunt for a new place…it is really that difficult to find?  Maybe Dad was right when he told that lady Molly it was going to be difficult to find a spot where I could thrive and feel safe.

Dad always says our worst day is someone’s best day and that puts it into perspective so I guess I’ll have to trust it will all be okay.   We got up and went for a walk on the beach this morning.  I think it calmed us all.  We are a family and no matter what we will make it.

I guess this is what life is about…change, and opportunity for growth.  I just wish my big growth was not costing me so much.

Perry’s first day at Puppy Day Care

I went to my first day at doggie day care at a place a few blocks from our house called FitDog Sports Club.  Mom and Dad were not sure if I would be okay but I was very excited to go and play with other dogs.  Dad dropped me off and I played and played so much so that when Mom picked me up she did not recognize me.  I did not jump on her but calmly let her take me to the car.





I slept on the way home and then went straight to my bed.  I was never so happy to be home.  When I went to the bathroom later on Dad left the gate open by mistake and I just went to the side door – I never saw Mom so happy to see me.  Here I am all sacked out.  I got a good report card and here it is.

Even with Being Fabulous and Popular I still have a Nemesis

Today with an interesting day.  It first started out with a brisk walk and lots of fetch time all before 9 in the morning.  I thought “WHAT is going on?”  Then I heard the parental units talking about trying to tire me out before my “appointment” at the Doggie Day Care.

I was going to have a behavioral assessment and Dad was wanted me to pass.  We then rode in the car and went to this new place where they had 2 sides:  one for little purse dogs and puppies and one for big dogs.  Dad said to put me with the big dogs since I’m almost 40 pounds and then he left.  I had fun time and then after 2 hours he picked me up.  BUT I did something good since I got an award and was “approved” to come back.  Boy, I sure fooled them.

When I got home I was so proud, strutting my stuff in the yard.  AND then all of a sudden, IT appeared.  That little thing running back and forth on the fence flicking it’s tail and taunting me.  I’m calling that thing PITA….you know pain in the ….

Well, after barking and screaming at the thing it would not move and was beyond frustrating.  Dad said I was not living up to my certificate of good behavior and took me inside since I was becoming his PITA.  Another day, another adventure….