BIG day with Mom

After puppy kindergarten yesterday Dad had to go to work and Mom decided she was going to try to tire me out and solve a few of my “behavior” issues.  I love being in the car but I only want to be on Mom and Dad’s lap and for some reason this is not okay with them.  Something about having an accident?

So Mom went to her favorite Pet Store GotPetFood to buy me some new food AND figure out a way to control me in the car.  On the way over she made me sit in my seat – bribing me the whole way with treats and the clicker which tells me I’m being good.  She gave one of my new treats the Happy Heart chicken Breast but I showed her – I finished it by the end of the driveway.

At the pet store the nice man Jesus helped Mom try to find another controller thingy for the car.  Since I am growing so fast they decided on the one for large dogs called the AutoZipLine  – it has a few controller things to make me behave since Mom and Dad drive different cars.  Mom put the harness vest on me for her car and it MADE me sit there – I finally gave up and layed down so Mom decided to take me to the Doggy open house at the ISaidSit place.  The nice man Jonathan helped Mom with a few leash ideas for me.

I had been there before and I LOVE it there since all the humans there fawn over me.  Mom and Dad mentioned I am the most popular one  – something neither one of them ever experienced.  They had all kinds of fun treats and things for me to play with.  I got some “doggie swag” Paul Newman’s Dog treats which I also LOVE – I can’t seem to get enough treats so it just for that it was worth coming.  I also got a few other new treats and foods but Mom said I could try those later since I’d had enough for today.  I came home and crashed but not before Mom had to take a picture of me in my new harness- it’s hard being me but I do have a good life here and hopefully I can ride this wave of good blessings….

I’m HUGE and I Love my Food and Treats

Mom is getting worried.  I gained 3 pounds in the last few days so now I’m 23 pounds at 11 and a half weeks!  I am a growing puppy but I heard her asking Dad if this is normal.  I’m a Weimaraner and hunting dog so of COURSE it’s normal – silly Mom.  She thinks it might be the Holistic Select Puppy Food  I’m eating.  Mom went through hundreds of dog food review websites trying to find the perfect food for me.  She finally decided there was no perfect food but this one was pretty close.  It had good ingredients for a growing puppy.

Tonight she tried to get me to behave.  I knew I would get a treat- remember I’m smart so I was on to her.  Tonight I got Dogswell Happy Heart chicken breast with taurine and flaxseed – I know she recommends flax seed to her clients so I guess I had to have mine as well.  It tasted pretty good and here I am waiting till she got the picture – I’m not very good at waiting but it does happen occasionally….