Mom and Dad Need a Vacation from ME?

Mom and Dad both had a lot of clients this week and they did not want to leave me in the cage so I lucked out and got to go to day care again at FitDogSports.  I overheard them both saying they felt like it was a vacation for a few hours without me so I guess I tend to be a bit much sometimes – yah, right, whatever.

When I got home, Dad was talking to Grandma Dopart about making a recipe so I jumped up and grabbed the pot holders since I wanted to help out with the cooking.  Dad was not happy about that so Mom distracted me with a snack – peanut butter.  I LOVE licking it off the spoon.  Hopefully I’ll get some again tomorrow.

Apparently my Aunt Victoria who I’m going to be staying with for a few weeks got a haircut.  Thank goodness I don’t need a haircut since I don’t have time to go to the salon since I’m too busy terrorizing everyone.  AND who needs a “shampoo and set” anyway?

Perry’s first day at Puppy Day Care

I went to my first day at doggie day care at a place a few blocks from our house called FitDog Sports Club.  Mom and Dad were not sure if I would be okay but I was very excited to go and play with other dogs.  Dad dropped me off and I played and played so much so that when Mom picked me up she did not recognize me.  I did not jump on her but calmly let her take me to the car.





I slept on the way home and then went straight to my bed.  I was never so happy to be home.  When I went to the bathroom later on Dad left the gate open by mistake and I just went to the side door – I never saw Mom so happy to see me.  Here I am all sacked out.  I got a good report card and here it is.