Check out my SmartRoller Site!

IMG_2194It is getting darker and colder…but this doesn’t change the fact that I still want to get up early for FOOD!

On a celebrity note I have become the face of the Smartroller so check out MY site!  I am a little backed up with signing autographs as my paws are tired.  I know Mom brags about her friend Stacy and this roller she invented which helps her back, neck, hips but it’s really all about me.  When Mom is not using it I use it to stretch my legs since chasing squirrels can get tiring.

Mom, Dad and I finished up the 1,200 Thanksgiving cards and sent them out. It was fun especially when I got into a few and dragged them into the backyard. So if you are one of the lucky ones with my mark congratulations.

We will be busy for the next few weeks as we are trying to prepare for the holidays. I am starting to understand what this hustle and bustle is all about. We are always on the go.

On that note I would encourage all of you to pick up A Healthy Baker’s Dozen not only as gifts but for yourselves. There are great gluten-free cookie recipes and even a healthy dog recipe for all me fellow canines out there.  Mom has yet to bake me some this year but I know the ingredients are in the house so hopefully soon!

OK, I need to crawl back under the blanket as I am getting a little chilled and I do not want the parentals to try to dress me up with another outfit like Halloween.

On the political front the race continues to ebb and flow and yes Trump’s hair is still there. But what has been more fun to watch is all the stuff about the red cup at Starbucks. I would love to just tear into one.

The fall temp in Santa Monica was a blustery 65 degrees today.  We actually had to turn on the heat tonight – something that has not happened here for many moons!



Ohms for the Poor

IMG_3390We all know that I am a creature of habit…

  • I can differentiate from the vegetable and cheese drawer in a dead of sleep
  • Daily I let the parentals know it is mealtime by adjusting my annoying announcement by a minute both AM and PM to coincide with the sun
  • At 8:30 every night I move from the chair to my lounge bed in the living room
  • I come running when I know if they are cutting an apple and I go immediately to my apple eating spot
  • I am so smart that I know when the parental’s are rushed in the morning and I put myself in the crate
  • I know when Mom is around the corner coming home at night and start waiting for her arrival

I could go on and on….

But nightly when it is dinnertime I lay patiently because I know Dad always saves me a little “treat.” This has been going on for over a year now. He gets up, I run to my spot, he dumps it in my bowl and I have to wait drooling (which seems like FOREVER) while he rinses the dishes and then he says OK and I get to eat.

Well they are trying to mess up my routine. Last night he did not save me anything! Can you believe that? So I tried to look as pathetic as possible… my ”ohms for the poor” look and it still did not work.

Dad finally 1 Perry 0

No worries people, you know the saying payback is a …..

So the Weather Weimaraner is reporting a beautiful sunny day in the 70’s – can’t get much better January weather than that!

Have a great week.


Perry’s Vacation

photo-1I know, I know it has been a long time but I just have to tell you that it is because I went on VACATION people!

It was so much fun, I just don’t know where to start…

As you might remember my vacation did not get off to a stellar start since I pulled Grandma down in the parking lot and all.  However, it did get much more exciting after that.

When I got to the Grandunits ranch things got much happier.  The parentals had left and I was free to relish in the country and the joys of being spoiled.

Grandpa B put out a fence so I was able to not get lost.  It was so cool because I figured out how to open the door and go outside ANYTIME I wanted.  So they just left the door open and I went to and fro.  IT WAS AWESOME.  Yeah like that will ever happen here at my house!

Next I got to hang out at a real day school  – Thousand Hills Pet Resort – in the country where all the dogs ran around, hung out and just got to play in the dirt – no concrete play yard there.  I cannot wait to go back there!

Now you all know how much I love food.  I felt like I was at a 5 Star hotel.  The Grandunits know how to make a spread.  I was so spoiled that I even got a bedtime cookies.

I did get into trouble a few times…it is apparent I am not a cat person.  As much as I would like a little fluffy friend I just cannot resist chasing them around.  But for the most part I was puppy perfect.

However, I have to admit I did miss Mom and Dad just a little, and the next thing I knew we pulled up in the truck I love so much and I saw my car!

I waited nicely and got out of the truck with my no pulley collar…yep folks…I am a reformed grandma puller.  I have learned my lesson.

Well I saw Dad and was excited to see him, but knew it was afternoon snack time so I would catch up with him later.  The next thing I know is Dad is trying to grab my back leg.  What, postponement of snack?

Yep, problem was my back leg has a huge owie on it.  The joint is swollen with an abscess or something and I have a skin problem.  I heard them talking about maybe a staph infection.  Great- another visit to the doctor’s…but hey this is my SLO doctor, Dr. Linda Powers at San Luis Obispo Veterinary.  She is awesome and a funny lady.  Plus I was able to stock up on one of my favorite snacks, Hypoallergenic Treats, by Hills.  Yummy.

photoFinally after all was said and done Dad and I drove back to the big city.  It was a long drive but we made it.  I was so happy to see Mom and I did a dance around for 5 minutes.

However, I thought I would have the luxury of gently getting back to my routine and was enjoying my time on the back porch.  Two seconds later PITA the squirrel came up real close and started to screech at me.  Game on rodent!  Ever since I got back he has been getting me into trouble as I have been barking up a storm.  Don’t mess with my yard!

Finally, the entire family is busy with getting the electronic gluten-free healthy cookie book ready.  Mom made the Lemon Zesties and dark chocolate truffles again for pictures this week so I was VERY happy being the foodie that I am!

Well, this was a long note but too much to share.  Until the next time we meet….PEACE!

The Weekend Cookie Factory

photoPeople you will not believe what has happened at my house this weekend.  At first I thought it was Christmas and Mom was making cookies for Santa.

The parental units are working on a new short book; it is all about gluten-free healthy cookies.  It seems pretty complicated but the goal is to bring sweets to everyone with healthier alternatives.  I don’t really care all that much except for the last recipe in which I’m featured since it’s a dog cookie with my 2 favorite things – pumpkin and peanut butter – yum!

Mom was in the kitchen for 8 straight hours.  She made 9 of the 13 recipes.  Dad chronicled the entire process for my Facebook fans.  It was a fun day licking up all the crumbs.  What a great life I live!

Some good news to report is the owie on my foot is almost gone.  Those pills the parentals are shoving down my throat must be working.  I have to admit I do feel better and I am pleased to see the happiness on their faces since I’m no longer licking nonstop.

OK, Dad is outside watering and I better make sure he is not getting into trouble like myself.  You see I was a bad boy this weekend and chewed on a lens box and Grandpa Sprawls’ shoeshine brush, but he’s in heaven so he probably does not mind all that much.

One good thing is when I’m bad I know to go into my crate.  I now run to it on command.  Even if the door is shut I can open it and get in.  You see how smart I am.  Dad eventually said he loved me and it made him think of his Grandpa on this Father’s day weekend.  So I guess we’ll all good.

I’m the Star of Dad’s New Movie

Hey we know I am a Star, but boy it is hard work.

It is odd that Dad and I may be cruising down the street in the car and people are calling for me to turn so they can take my photo.  I thought driving and using your cell phone was illegal?

photoBut on to what’s really going on.  Dad has a school project and needs to make a short video using thousands of pictures.  It’s really a hard job, but as always I am up for the task.  However, this was a little more complicated than I initially realized.

First we picked up uncle Andrew and then headed out for the photo shoot. They really worked me.  I had to wait for food and treats.  They even made me get in the cage a few times with that camera thing clicking away in my face for close to 5 hours!  Dad said I was lucky that I did not have to edit and do all the post work too.  Who’s he kidding?  I will have to be on my best behavior while he is working on this project or else I will get the time outs.

Doesn’t he know I am union and should have Kraft services at my disposal?  Maybe this will be a good video for Mom’s promotional stuff.

On that better note the house has been full of great smells.  Mom has been baking up a storm for her new gluten-free cookie book.  It sounds pretty scientific but I don’t care since she has even made me some cookies.  And I LOVE them!  I wanted the chocolate ones but she said that was bad for me so I got the peanut butter pumpkin ones which were really quite yummy.

photo-1On our morning walk today we ran into a couple who informed Dad that their 12-year-old Weimaraner still cruised counter tops, acted like a puppy and ruled the house.  Rats, they took the element of surprise out of my plan.  Cuz I am the dog and rule the house.

Later today I went to visit my lady friend, Viva, who lives in the Palisades and boy is she a looker.  I irritated dad because he could not get a photo of us.  Since this is just a casual thing and not a prom I didn’t think it needed to be posted anywhere on the web.  I want to keep my options open.

OK, I am wiped out by these Memorial Day weekend events.  The parental units work tomorrow so I guess I will be having a holiday all by myself.

Peace out Peeps!

I Relapsed and Need Paper Rehab

I hear voices and they are saying something about “Paper Rehab?”

Dad is always saying to people, “when you think you can trust Perry that is when you can’t.”

photoLet me tell you people I showed him.  Of course I was not getting nearly enough attention and affections to my liking.  Dad was off doing something on the computer.  Those parentals are always doing something on the computer.  Well, it was quiet on the fore front so I slowly pushed the bathroom door open with my paw and snuck in there.

After I found the mecca of TP, I just could not help myself.   I kept hearing the occasional “Perry what are you doing?”  But of course no response…next time I will know to come out and check on him so he will leave me alone with my addiction.

The next thing I see Dad sneaking down the hallway.  I was caught, but I did not run in fear.  You see, I knew he would have to go get that iphone thing and take my picture.  He needs to go to rehab for that addiction.

OK people, it is going to be one of those days so I must get going.  I will keep you posted if I find some more trouble to get into.

I did hear that Mom is going to make some treats.  I guess they are doing a healthy cookie recipe book and they may include a dog treat recipe especially for me.  That ROCKS!

Perry’s Paul Newman’s Peanut Butter Treats are the BEST

I love Paul Newman’s Peanut Butter Treats – in fact I love them SO much I am calling them PPPT’s – Perry’s Paul Newman’s Peanut Butter Treats.  Mom keeps them on the top counter and I’ve been jumping up to try to snag them and this morning I SCORED!  I ran with them to my comfy bed and tried to eat as many as I could before THEY caught me.



Mom interrupted me and Dad was trying to take a picture – they are so annoying sometimes – why can’t I just enjoy my treats in peace?!  Parents!

I should be able to eat as many as I want since I overheard Mom saying they have great clean ingredients which are important for me since I’m a growing puppy.  Hopefully I can have more tomorrow – I guess I might have to behave since that is the only time I get treats…but I’m growing so I might reach the top of the counter soon without having to jump so watch out….