I’m Being Perfect

IMG_1904Yup – Dad left me.  I overheard him telling Mom he needed a break from ME but I guess I deserve it.  I give him a run for his money since when Mom told him a dog would be a lot more work than a cat he said those famous words “it’s just a dog.”

I make it my job to have him continually eat those words, but really?  Did he have to go all the way to Kansas City, MO to get away from me.  AND he went to see that little thing Zade.  Apparently him and Mom are the godparents but Mom chose me.  She decided to stay home with ME while Dad went to the christening so I thought I would show him how much perfectness he missed.

I did not bark today when dogs came by,  I let Mom take a nap since she was tired from her week AND I napped all afternoon in my crate all on my own.  I did not bug her for my dinner like I usually do and she asked me at 4:30 if I wanted to eat so I followed her politely into the kitchen.  I don’t think she believed I was the same dog that lives here.

I think Mom realizes it’s Dad who is the instigator.  HE is the one who riles me up.  So people when you think my mischievous behavior is because I am a Weimaraner it’s really not.  I am smart enough to know when to behave perfectly and when to misbehave when I feel like it.

So there you have it – the weather Weimaraner is reporting perfect behavior and a beautiful sunny day with a temperature of 75 degrees in Santa Monica.

Things can’t get much better than they are now and I realize today that I’m grateful for my life.  Maybe when Dad gets back I’ll try to be a little better behaved so he doesn’t feel the need to go away again.  After all – I would not want him to replace me with one of those baby things.  I really do like children – I just don’t want them to live in my home since I am the ONLY child here.

Love Perry

Christmas Kitty…I think not!

photo-1So I have been hearing Dad ramble incessantly about the fact that I am the last and only animal he will have.  Well duh…of course because I am just the perfect canine and there could be no other…

OK, back to our story.  Dad recently confessed that the only other animal he would consider would be if an orange, short hair kitty showed up at Christmas.  Like Santa is going to bring a cat that specific? Well a few months back we almost had a fright.

Dad found this little toothless kitty in the front yard.  Of course he just could not help himself and gave the thing a can of tuna…WHAT!

I have yet to have a whole can of tuna to myself.  It did not show up for a few weeks and I thought we were safe.  Then, a couple of weeks ago Dad heard it again and of course had to make me crazy by once again giving it food.

He started calling it “ The Christmas Kitty” and I panicked but it went away.

Then last week that Christmas nightmare came back, and was all up in Dad’s Kool-Aid.  It was throwing itself at Dad and I was not happy about it.

I was pacing and trying to pull the blinds off the windows.  “HE IS MY DAD, YOU HAIR BALL OF A MESS”.  It was not good people.

Well, Mr. Christmas Kitty decided to hang out in the driveway – just licking himself and I was not happy – this is my property, my parents and my house.

Mom eventually got home and I felt safe.  Of course she would not take my side and make the Christmas enemy go away.  Dad then called her outside and shut the door.  I immediately ran and slammed my face through the blinds and saw that Mr. Kitty was in the neighbors yard.  Can you believe it started rubbing up against Mom and she actually liked it!

Oh no!  Christmas is here to stay and I feel like I got some coal.

Low and behold Dad thought it would be brilliant to bring me out to see Christmas Kitty.  HA! I showed all of them who is in control and started having a barking fit and tried to chase that hairball away.  Christmas hissed, and I chased it while the parentals were in tow yelling at me.

I told them I would fix it right and that I did.  Christmas won’t be sauntering around my territory again.  I am sure I scared it all the way to the North Pole.  Merry Christmas Kitty and Happy New Year away from Santa Monica.

I’m the Star of Dad’s New Movie

Hey we know I am a Star, but boy it is hard work.

It is odd that Dad and I may be cruising down the street in the car and people are calling for me to turn so they can take my photo.  I thought driving and using your cell phone was illegal?

photoBut on to what’s really going on.  Dad has a school project and needs to make a short video using thousands of pictures.  It’s really a hard job, but as always I am up for the task.  However, this was a little more complicated than I initially realized.

First we picked up uncle Andrew and then headed out for the photo shoot. They really worked me.  I had to wait for food and treats.  They even made me get in the cage a few times with that camera thing clicking away in my face for close to 5 hours!  Dad said I was lucky that I did not have to edit and do all the post work too.  Who’s he kidding?  I will have to be on my best behavior while he is working on this project or else I will get the time outs.

Doesn’t he know I am union and should have Kraft services at my disposal?  Maybe this will be a good video for Mom’s promotional stuff.

On that better note the house has been full of great smells.  Mom has been baking up a storm for her new gluten-free cookie book.  It sounds pretty scientific but I don’t care since she has even made me some cookies.  And I LOVE them!  I wanted the chocolate ones but she said that was bad for me so I got the peanut butter pumpkin ones which were really quite yummy.

photo-1On our morning walk today we ran into a couple who informed Dad that their 12-year-old Weimaraner still cruised counter tops, acted like a puppy and ruled the house.  Rats, they took the element of surprise out of my plan.  Cuz I am the dog and rule the house.

Later today I went to visit my lady friend, Viva, who lives in the Palisades and boy is she a looker.  I irritated dad because he could not get a photo of us.  Since this is just a casual thing and not a prom I didn’t think it needed to be posted anywhere on the web.  I want to keep my options open.

OK, I am wiped out by these Memorial Day weekend events.  The parental units work tomorrow so I guess I will be having a holiday all by myself.

Peace out Peeps!

I’M a STAR and have the Perfect Healthy Lifestyle

Dad went to Uncle Andrew’s house yesterday and look what was up on the wall.  Since I’m a star I thought I would share with you all the things I do right since it seems like this blog is all about my mis-behaving.

Here’s my 10 Best List of Healthy Behaviors:

1.  I was completely potty trained at 8 weeks old

2.  I sleep 10 hours a night without a peep and now on my big boy bed

3.  I can’t get in trouble for bringing everything inside since it is all inside now

4.  I wait patiently with anticipation for  my vitamin and fish oil every day

5.  I make sure to get my exercise every day

6.  I eat my veggies, especially the little crowns

7.  I eat my plain yogurt for probiotics every day

8.  I never complain about the food Mom gives me

9.  Since I’m on my best behavior I get to visit Grandma’s house next week

10. I try to get my fiber every day, even if it is toilet paper

My New Paul Newman’s Scooby Snacks Came

It was a dog day.  Dad took me to the vet to get my almost last set of shots.  Everyone at the vet loves me, especially my cute vet Annie.  I’ll do anything for her.  She took care of Mom’s kitty George for many years so she’s happy to take care of me too!  I tried to get this cute girl to play with me and she just kept ignoring me so I pounced on her and then she ran away – not sure why since I just wanted to be her friend.

I was feeling tired tonight from my shot and the nice people at Paul Newman’s must have known since they sent me this COOL box of treats!  Boy did I score.  I don’t know how they knew but they sent my ABSOLUTE favorites – the peanut butter treats, the Chicken and Rice Snack Sticks (sooo yummy) and some new Organic Dog Food to try.  As a special treat they sent some Chicken and Brown Rice Food.  Mom’s happy about that since she thinks their food is the best…besides the nice ladies Sally and Peggy who work there.  I wanted to eat it all tonight but she only let me have a little and said I have to save some for tomorrow…

Perry Loves Food, Bushes, Dirt, Gravel….

My most favorite thing to do in the world is EAT!  Food is my best friend and I guess that is why my Mom selected me since she deals with food.  I’m hoping I get to try some new treats this week.

My second favorite thing to do is get in the bushes, eat gravel and dirt.  Mom and Dad are always taking things out of my mouth.  When I eat something in the yard all of a sudden I hear yelling.  I try to run away but someone always catches up with me and grabs my mouth and pulls out whatever I have in there – can’t imagine why…I’m just being a puppy.

Perry Goes to Grandma’s House on National Puppy Day

In honor of national Puppy Day Dad decided to take me on a road trip.  He had lots of pictures to shoot for his photo class and Grandma and Grandpa were away and have a new kitchen so I got to go with my him and my human friend Andrew to San Luis Obispo.  It gave Mom a much-needed break from taking care of me and having to manage my every move AND I now get a chance to explore a new house.  Even better I got to miss Puppy kindergarten this week – yeah!

It is SO much fun.  There are bones hidden everywhere from my Auntie Victoria –  like an Easter egg hunt.   And there’s a kitty cat named Sashi who looks like a big pillow and I So want to play with her but she keeps going under the bed.  I can’t wait to explore the rest of the house but Dad seems to want to keep me in the kitchen near my crate – I think he’s afraid of what I might get into – but that’s what puppies do.  This is the best time ever on national puppy day!

Perry “Cleans” the House

I overheard my Mom and Dad had argued about whether to get a “canine” before they brought me home.  My Mom had a “feline” named George before me who was basically an old man.  Dad had lots of dogs growing up and thought they were no problem, but of course he came from the “sticks” as one co-worker said where humans just put us in the back yard.

Little did my Dad know how challenging I would be to train, being the west-side dog that I am.  I’m in puppy kindergarten every week, I saw a”behaviorist” at the vet when I went for my shots, and even had a private session with a trainer – all to try to get me to “behave” whatever that means.  I do know how to sit, lay down and come but whether I do it or not depends on whether I’m in the mood or not.

Tonight when Mom got home I greeted her by running and getting the mop and dragging it across the floor to my bed and here I am gnawing on it – tastes almost as good as my bone.  I wonder what else is in the kitchen for me to “eat?”

Perry St. Patty’s Day Party

I had my coming out party this weekend!

My Auntie Chris and Audrey invited me to their St. Patrick’s day party but I went thinking it was for me.

Chris and Audrey wanted to meet me and Mom wanted me to meet their 3 cats Doc, Bashful and Thomas O’Malley.  Doc was not feeling too well and Bashful was not crazy about puppies so here I am with Thomas.  I was trying to get him to play but he wasn’t all that interested.

It was a fun party and I liked the humans more than the cats since they were all oohing and awwwing over me.  I heard a few people trying to give my Mom and Dad tips on how to get me to behave better – not sure what that was about since I’m fine the way I am but these humans try to make me behave and use the controller leash.   Hopefully they will grow out of it and remember I’m just Puppy Perry and all I want to do is eat, play, sleep and chew….

These Strange Things that Mom and Dad Do!

So I’m still trying to figure out my Mom and Dad.  When Dad goes to his potty room in the morning I try to keep him warm.  Dad likes to clean all around the house.

When he goes to the potty room to clean I just go in there with him. It takes him a long time to clean the place where I get my baths so I just decided to curl up on his pants till he was done and could play with me.



Mom leaves so early in the morning before Dad and I get up.

She wears funny clothes and shoes and takes this bag I’m looking at.  I think she calls it the gym.




When she got home this morning she took off her shoes and I decided to check them out.

When she was in the shower I took both of them in my mouth at the same time and ran to my mat.

I could carry both of them but could only chew one at a time.

For some reason Mom did not not like that and took them from me and hid them but I’m sure I’ll find them soon enough.