No Road Trip for Me

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Sorry I’ve been MIA – the parents have been busy so here’s the news:

Dad decided to venture way up north to his old stomping grounds for his 30th school class reunion and sent me off to the country. Maybe he needed a break from me, but doesn’t he realize I never need a break from him? I live for ruling this house and when he sends me away I don’t get to get under the Parentals’ skin.

Not to worry my dear ones…when I got back I gave them an extra doses of love, hugs, and annoyance. For example, this morning when I took Mom on a walk I decided I needed to share with the neighborhood by marking every few feet. I took advantage of the lush grass and I was like a dog in the candy store with green lawns. Finally, Mom got upset with me and told me the walk was not a bathroom buffet and took back control of “my” walk.

AND Mom’s new book came out 101 Ways to Control your Diabetes.  Of course I am featured in the book as I always remember to walk and eat healthfully but I guess the humans need something to remind them.

I have been pretty docile lately because it has been super-hot and all I want to do is lounge trying to find the coolest place in Casa de Perry which is a difficult thing to do right now. I do muster up the strength to bark at the annoying neighbor dog who still continues to push my buttons.

I would like to report how good I was while getting my Mani/Pedi after my return from the country. I have been trying out this new place which comes to me – hence avoiding the LA traffic. You know how I love being pampered. Detail Dog is a great service and you should give them a try.  See how good I was when Phoebe was clipping my nails.  I smelled fresh and clean after it was all said and done so I’m all ready for any summer guests!

OK, off to sit by my swamp cooler as it’s the usual 85 degrees in our house today!  I figured you had missed the Weather Weimaraner report.



Road Trip

IMG_4181Yep that is right folks – Dad and I took a road trip. Just us guys and boy did we have fun, a little bit of trouble and a lot of homesickness for Mom.

Every year Dad takes me on an excursion to help with training and to get me adjusted more to different situations. I think he just likes to mess with my routine. Nonetheless, I find this outings pretty cool and I am always up for an adventure.

This trip was no exception…as you can see while we were supposed to be cleaning out a Koi pond I decided to “fall” in. I was so scared I just stood there and let all the fish nibble on my long legs. It was a hot day and unfortunately I smelled like the fish after this “swim.”

This trip involved more meet and greets of different animals and lots of children. Of course I was on my bestest behavior.

I did get the chance to hang out at my SLO town club – Thousand Hills Pet Resort. They were very nice and hooked me up with an awesome bath and trimmed my nails perfectly. If you are ever in that area check them out – it helped not to smell like fish for the remainder of the trip, and yes, I do get my omega 3’s elsewhere and had no interest in the fish.

Needless to say, once I got in the car to come home I crashed and for the last few days I have been very mellow and calm. I did hear the parentals talk about how the trip was a success. This makes me glad but I still don’t like long car rides.

The weather is odd here in Santa Monica…balmy, humid, and a little rainy and today the temperature in my casa is 85 degrees, which I am not happy about, but at least I’m home where I love to be.

Peace Out,


Ohms for the Poor

IMG_3390We all know that I am a creature of habit…

  • I can differentiate from the vegetable and cheese drawer in a dead of sleep
  • Daily I let the parentals know it is mealtime by adjusting my annoying announcement by a minute both AM and PM to coincide with the sun
  • At 8:30 every night I move from the chair to my lounge bed in the living room
  • I come running when I know if they are cutting an apple and I go immediately to my apple eating spot
  • I am so smart that I know when the parental’s are rushed in the morning and I put myself in the crate
  • I know when Mom is around the corner coming home at night and start waiting for her arrival

I could go on and on….

But nightly when it is dinnertime I lay patiently because I know Dad always saves me a little “treat.” This has been going on for over a year now. He gets up, I run to my spot, he dumps it in my bowl and I have to wait drooling (which seems like FOREVER) while he rinses the dishes and then he says OK and I get to eat.

Well they are trying to mess up my routine. Last night he did not save me anything! Can you believe that? So I tried to look as pathetic as possible… my ”ohms for the poor” look and it still did not work.

Dad finally 1 Perry 0

No worries people, you know the saying payback is a …..

So the Weather Weimaraner is reporting a beautiful sunny day in the 70’s – can’t get much better January weather than that!

Have a great week.


My Own Wrecking Ball


Well Christmas came and went and I survived being away from the parental units.  Yep I survived…I did run a lot and lost a few pounds (Mom says I’m “insulin-sensitive vs. her and Dad being “insulin-resistant” so I lose weight quickly – once again another way canines are the preferred species).

Now I am back home eating like a champ to get my fighting weight back on since I did get a little skinny.  Unfortunately, it is not by eating junk food as Mom has a close eye on my healthy treats.

Southern California’s weather has been a bit schizophrenic with one day like summer and the next winter but it doesn’t matter since my life of luxury continues.  However, being away and sleeping in a confined space I am sure glad I am home with my big comfy chair.  I like the country but I like the comforts of home.  That said the parentals did bring me a gift, which I love, a Harry Barker toss and tug rope toy.  Mom thought it would be good for me since it’s made of cotton and is free of bad things that make canines sick.

photoWhy do I love my new toy so much?  Because apparently Dad was not thinking of the damage this toy can cause.  When I am bored I rummage through my toy box and bring toys to Dad.

I usually wait until he is on the phone or doing something important.  I then come to him running with toy in mouth and try and thrust it into his hands.  This method gets him going and he usually ends up playing tug of war, WHICH I LOVE PEOPLE!

This gets Mom a little irritated  and she usually says, “no playing in the house Jeffrey Michael.”   When the middle name is used it means trouble.  Perry 1 and Dad a big fat 0.

OK, sorry I digressed  – so they got me a rope toy with a hug ball on the end.  They thought I would just chew on the ball and Dad would pull by the handle.

Seriously?  I am all about holding onto the handle and shaking my head all around so the ball hits everything.  That’s right folks – my own wrecking ball…Miley Cyrus has nothing on me.

I do know how to behave – it’s just whether I decide to do it and how many walks Dad decides to take me on to tire me out.

Catch you after the first of the year.  Remember my 2 year old birthday is less then two weeks away so that limits your shopping days.

Peace and good Health in 2014!

They REALLY Like Me!!

IMG-20130518-01046It was AWESOME out there today in the world.

I went to this really nice doctor yesterday who said I was handsome.  Mom and Dad thought I needed some help.  Isn’t it enough that I’m handsome and friendly?  Apparently it’s something with my immune system that is not working like it should since the owie on my toe and in my mouth is not getting better.

His name is Dr. Palmquist and Mom calls him an Integrative Medicine Vet, although I’m not sure what that means.  He gave me some treats, vitamins, and squirts for my mouth that are supposed to make me better.  I’m good at taking my medicine – it’s just not my favorite.  Everyone there was really nice and stopped to admire me – I love that!

Today the three of us went out to a street in Santa Monica, called Montana.  Something about Mom needing a blouse since she is going to be on Channel 7 news this week to talk about her diabetes book.

I did not care about the shopping – it was just awesome walking down street sales for blocks with all the people admiring me.  Dad counted the compliments:

”He’s big”… 17, “beautiful” …9 and  “stately” … 2

However, Dad doesn’t know that I counted his responses:

“Thanks” … 12, “he’s a little narcissistic” … 8 and “he’s a good boy”…a lot I lost count.

We got to walk in between rows of people, and I had to stop and let babies by in strollers (ha, I am so much taller then those things) and I ended up gaining valuable sidewalk sale maneuvering skills.

The BEST part of the day was when Dad did not hesitate and walked me right into a store.  Before I could just sort of peek in, and now he was not hesitating at all.  I got to go into my first cooking STORE PEOPLE!

IMG-20130518-01057The next thing I know people in green aprons started really admiring me.  I heard Mom tell the helper at Williams Sonoma, Santa Monica it was OK to give me a snack.  “Snacks are the best thing in the world.”

But by this time I was starting to get tired.  Dr. Palmquist said my new vitamins might make that happen since I don’t remember ever getting tired in the middle of the day before.

I thought nothing of it to just lie down in the middle of the store.  However, I could see Dad was getting a little annoyed with me as I was starting to stretch out and people were having to walk over me.

All of us finally got home and boy I was tired out, with the combination of the medicine and all the attention I just needed to chill out.

I was just happy of all the loves, hugs, and attentions.  Dr. Palmquist said it right yesterday that dog is just GOD spelled backwards and that’s why I sometimes think I know everything but that’s why God gave me Mom and Dad to keep me humble most of the time.

I’m A Bit Stressed With this Interviewing Process

imagejpeg952This dog interviewing process is killing me.  Thank goodness I do not have to wear a tie!  And if I hear the parentals tell me one more time to be on my best behavior I am going to have a serious melt down.

We all know I am still trying to deal with my rejection from the mean place Centinela Pet and Feed Supplies on Pico.  However, I am working through it so don’t worry too much.  The wonderful lady who took care of me, Francine, sent me a nice card that they missed me.  I miss Francine!

I do appreciate all the notes and calls and checking in on me.  I think this fawning all over me makes Dad a little jealous and I love it.  So keep it up.

I was accepted to a place  called the Wags club that has a big outside area and I liked it even though Dad compared it to high school.  I was the new kid on the block and I can hold my own but it was still scary.

Of course Mom was very nervous but we all got through it.  They were very LA and gave me a swag bag.  Unfortunately it was made for a little dog as the chew stick was the size of a pencil and I completely shredded the ball in less then 2 minutes.  Come on you fancy pants places get your swag right for us big dogs!  I ran around a lot though and it was fun.

This weekend was challenging since we had three appointments to “interview” me again.  I think this process makes Dad want to move out of LA and raise me on a farm.  Don’t know how I would feel about that as I love people too much and being on a farm might be great but oh so isolating.

OK, back to my story.  The first appointment was a home visit.  A nice man named Brent Rice from my puppy class when I was about 9 weeks came to see about setting up a program of training and exercise.  What training?  I think that means more commands but I know how that works…you do what they say and you get the treats.  And I love scooby snacks so it was okay.  I really liked him but he is very busy right now so next month we will hang out together.

Next we had an appointment at Pet Smart, Pet Hotel.  It was one of those big commercialized places that look all shiny and new.   It was a bit small for my size.  Remember I have lots of energy and need to run.

I knew this one wasn’t going to work all that well by the look on Dad’s face.  First he said to the lady, “you do realize Perry would take that mop and drag it all around your small room. “   Dad was throwing me under the bus – not too cool.

Next we were shown the private rooms that were the size of a bathroom but they did have a nice flat screen TV.   Then parentals just said on the way out it was an emergency only place.  I do wonder what channels they let us watch?

IMG-20130428-01006Next we went to Two Hands Four Paws, which specializes in animal rehabilitation.  They do have some day care but mostly for dogs about 50 pounds are less.  Gosh, what is up with the weight issues? Oh I forgot we are in LA, where Mom says everyone is concerned with his or her weight.  I think I’m just fine so not sure what the big deal is?

They had this cool huge pool you can swim in and underwater tread mills.  Dad was excited and on the way out said, if we have people over we can tire him out by having him go into the pool.  He makes me crazy; maybe he needs to be dumped into the pool.   If I ever have an injury Mom says this is the place to go.

Next we took a breather and went to the office.  I love going there and I hear that if I am really good I will be visiting a little bit more.  Keeping my paws crossed.

My New Favorite Toy

photo-1I don’t talk all that much so I was thrilled when Mom got me a talking toy.  Yes, you heard that right.  It’s called a “Babble Ball.”  The funny thing is Mom did not even know it talked till it she brought it home.

She just thought she was getting some cool blue ball for me.  Boy, was she surprised!!

It’s says all kinds of fun things – like “you’re looking nice big doggy,” “oh you got me,”  “hey what are you doing,” and “oh lucky dog.”

Dad says the voice reminds him of  Cousin Itt on some show he used to watch called The Adam’s Family.

I’m just having fun making it talk and irritating the parental units…and this time they were the ones who started it in the first place.  Boy, are they naive!

My First Candy Day

photoI was so excited to find out about “Candy Day.”  I heard from Dad it’s all about love, hearts and romance but who cares about that?  Little did I know that this way over the top commercialized day of showing love would also bring abundance of snacks and delicious treats.

After a long day at day camp, I was excited to receive my own Valentine’s day bag.  My Aunt Stacy at Century City Physical Therapy had given me a bag full of love.  Of course I had to be monitored by the parental units and after just a few morsels the bag was immediately put on top of the refrigerator.

Hmnnn…still trying to figure out how to get up there, but behold one day I will achieve that climb and then nothing will be out of my reach.  OK, back to giving them sad eyes.  Maybe if I am lucky I will have a bedtime scooby snack…

Happy New Year from Perry

IMG-20130101-00901I’m trying to start with a clean slate but it is SO hard for me.  There are 2 resolutions I can’t seem to conquer:

  1. Thou Shalt Not Steal my parent’s things
  2. Thou Shalt not Covet food from the counter

I know the high value things Mom and Dad need to use – phones, shoes, remote controls, tape measurements, the newspaper, toilet paper, and pens.  These are the items I frequently steal and run with.  The toilet paper has been hard to come by since they now close all the doors but the other items are usually in my sight. With all the lutein I get in my veggies my eyes are excellent which helps with spotting high value items.  That’s’ one those important nutrients humans and canines need or so I am told.

I can’t help myself with coveting all the food and look how TALL I am – it’s so much easier with my great height!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year.  Make sure to eat healthfully like me.  I look forward to hearing from all my friends who follow me!