Road Trip…

photo-2I like road trips just as long as they are not too long and I get lots of breaks to check out the sights along the way. This past weekend Dad and I took a boys trip to SLO to see the grand units and hang out at my club up there Thousand Hills Pet Resort.

It’s a cool place where I can play with other dogs, run outside in the dirt and smell the country air. I have been there before and they take great care of me and the other dogs. I haven’t had the opportunity to stay in one of the “cabin/house” areas for boarding but I am keeping my paws crossed for next time. The best part is I got a bath and came home all fresh with a great mani/pedi. They really know how to hook a pooch up.

That said…the trip did not start out too great. As you may already know I am not really into cats. Unfortunately they remind me of the PITAS in our backyard a little too much and when I see them I cannot help myself. I just go POSTAL!

photoIn the first five minutes of getting to the grandparents I was good until I saw their cat Sassy. Now I have had a few encounters with her before and she always runs and hides quickly. This time she just stayed in the chair and challenged me to a stare down. Dad had me on the leash and was lying on the floor.

I was good but I was not having that kitty win the stare down. She looked a little heavy so I thought I could take her.  She needs Mom’s services but I didn’t feel the need to share that information with her since after all, she is just a cat. I’m not weightist, it’s just that I’m not fond of these creatures so why offer any help?

The next thing I know the cat hissed and I lunged forward with ferocious barking all the while Dad had my leash and I was dragging him and got tangled up. To make matters worse my pride was hurt as that cat got away and she’s not nearly as fast as I am!

Apparently I will not be getting a kitty for Christmas, as I just want to chase and make them run. Not very nice of me I know but those furry creatures make me CRAZY!

All in all it was a good trip since I got to be in the country and escape the big city. However, I really wanted to get home to see Mom. She has been working like a dog (Ha Ha I made a funny) and I wanted to give her some support.

Newsflash….Major stuff going on in the world so please say your prayers for people’s safety. It was a very mild day in Santa Monica, reporting in at a sunny breezy 74 degrees.

OK folks that is all for the Perry report this week!

Peace and Love to all (Mom says I even have to say that for cats so okay – peace to the cats!)


Perry Goes to Grandma’s House on National Puppy Day

In honor of national Puppy Day Dad decided to take me on a road trip.  He had lots of pictures to shoot for his photo class and Grandma and Grandpa were away and have a new kitchen so I got to go with my him and my human friend Andrew to San Luis Obispo.  It gave Mom a much-needed break from taking care of me and having to manage my every move AND I now get a chance to explore a new house.  Even better I got to miss Puppy kindergarten this week – yeah!

It is SO much fun.  There are bones hidden everywhere from my Auntie Victoria –  like an Easter egg hunt.   And there’s a kitty cat named Sashi who looks like a big pillow and I So want to play with her but she keeps going under the bed.  I can’t wait to explore the rest of the house but Dad seems to want to keep me in the kitchen near my crate – I think he’s afraid of what I might get into – but that’s what puppies do.  This is the best time ever on national puppy day!

Perry St. Patty’s Day Party

I had my coming out party this weekend!

My Auntie Chris and Audrey invited me to their St. Patrick’s day party but I went thinking it was for me.

Chris and Audrey wanted to meet me and Mom wanted me to meet their 3 cats Doc, Bashful and Thomas O’Malley.  Doc was not feeling too well and Bashful was not crazy about puppies so here I am with Thomas.  I was trying to get him to play but he wasn’t all that interested.

It was a fun party and I liked the humans more than the cats since they were all oohing and awwwing over me.  I heard a few people trying to give my Mom and Dad tips on how to get me to behave better – not sure what that was about since I’m fine the way I am but these humans try to make me behave and use the controller leash.   Hopefully they will grow out of it and remember I’m just Puppy Perry and all I want to do is eat, play, sleep and chew….