My Routine is Off and Now They are Going Away

photo-1It’s been a hard week. I’ve been to the 2 new daycares and don’t really care for either one.  Mom told Dad I’ve regressed  which I think is normal given my situation, but Dad has tried to step up my training.  He’s really pushing all my buttons and it’s just not right.

To make matter worse, I’ve heard rumors that Mom and Dad are visiting Grandma in New Jersey for Mother’s Day and I don’t get to go with them.  I’m not happy about that!  I’ve been discriminated against for my weight and now I’m too big to fly across the country?  I can fit nicely in those airline seats thank you very much.

Dad had to pick me up some new luggage for my food for wherever they are sending me and when he came home with it I was pleasantly surprised.  I got my own Martha Stewart dog bag so I promptly stole it and ran down the hall.  Mom said it was too nice for me, and wanted it for herself.  Dad said it was on sale.  I wonder if Martha will let me be on her show with my bag.

Well, I have to get going.  No time to write since I have to pack enough food in my new bag for the outing.  No dieting for me.  Please send some scooby snacks since I’m always up for eating, no matter what time of day or night.