They call me MISCHEVIOUS

I know where I’m supposed to be and what to do but I know have options – I can behave and the house will be calm and boring. OR I can go where I know I’m not allowed and pick up things I’m not supposed to and Mom and Dad will run after me or chase me off the furniture – it’s SO much more fun!

Yesterday I took Mom’s underwear and ran in the back yard – both Mom and Dad were trying to get me and I just ran around and around till they gave up. Eventually Mom got her underwear back.  Today I decided it was “couch” time – so I jumped up on the couch.  I know I can go to the comfy chair but it’s just no fun since I’m already allowed there.

This afternoon I decided to take one of Dad’s plants out of the pot and run around the yard with the pot.  Dad had to lay down since he had a headache.  Maybe I’m tiring them out too much.  I’d better behave tonight or else dinner may be late.  They have to remember I’m just a puppy but I guess I have to remember they are not spring chickens…

My Unconventional Snacks

If you want to know what I’ve been doing lately,  just take a look at the pile Dad is collecting of the things I sneak into the house.  I have actually picked up each and every one of these items and brought them into the house in the last week.  I’m not very happy with Dad right now since he’s put MY stuff out of reach on top of the water heater outside.  However, I found a new thing to do and it’s even more fun to watch my parental units go crazy when I can reach up and take things off the kitchen counter.

The ultimate fun I had was when Dad caught me standing on top of the patio table.  It was awesome because I got an ink pen and chewed that up inside getting blue ink on some house things.

However, they are still trying to make me a show dog.  Here’s the latest – my entry in eating Mountain High Yogurt (see page 6) my FAVORITE food of all time.  I love my morning yogurt.  Mom thinks it’s odd that I like the same breakfast food she eats but the apple does not fall far from the tree…

Play date and Training with Brinkley and Rita


It was a big day today.  Yesterday I was naughty and getting into everything or as Mom calls it I had a “witching” day.  Today I was being pretty good but Mom decided to take me over to Auntie Patsy’s house for some training and play time.


Rita and Brinkley are older than me and are role models for how to be good in this thing they call life.


Brinkley was trying to teach me not to bite and I finally gave in and let him be the leader.


When we got home Dad tried to work with getting me to “come” with lead training  (as you can see he’s not very capable of controlling the training because I thought it was fun getting all tangled up.)  What is it with all this training?  Why can’t they just let me bite, and come when I want to?


So many rules around this Dopart-Batchelor household.  Dad says he’s trying to get me in good shape before I need to travel to Grandma and Grandpa Batchelor’s house so I can be on my bestest behavior and come back for multiple visits.

I’m A Miniature Horse with a HUGE Appetite

I’m sitting here with one of my favorite toys – my rope – that Auntie Amy gave me for Easter.  I may look sweet and innocent but that is FAR from the truth.

This morning Dad gave me a big breakfast and then took me out for a long walk which I LOVE.  Mom played with me a little and then was trying to get some work done (she works too much at that machine of hers -can’t imagine what she does for that long).



It wasn’t even noon but I was getting REALLY hungry – so I ran outside and took a plant out of the yard.  I thought it was okay since Mom told me I needed to get my green veggies but from the look on her face I think this was not the right kind.  Dad says I need to tell him when I’m hungry but I”m not sure how to do that yet – I’m only a puppy!

Mom says she misses the days when she could pick me up – I weighed in at 35 pounds yesterday so she says I look like a little horse.

I Try to Balance my Protein and Veggies


I tried to be a vegetarian westside dog but I just couldn’t do it.  Mom gets this BIG box every other Wednesday with lots of yummy fruits and veggies from a man named Ben from Hello Harvest.  He’s really nice and drives this BIG truck from Santa Barbara just to bring us a box and maybe a few other people but I don’t know much about that.



I got into the box this week and ate a few carrots but they were not my favorite.  Dad got frustrated with my trying to chew everything in the house so he bought me this bone – So yummy and he was happy since it took me hours to get all the protein off of it – maybe I’ll get another one soon.

It’s not Separation Anxiety – I’m just spoiled

Dad thought I had “separation anxiety”  since I whine, and howl when left alone.  Mom got on that machine she looks at and found out I’m just spoiled.

Uncle Pat and Auntie Dianne told Mom to buy me a Monster Mouth from  It’s okay but I get bored with in 5 minutes.  They thought it would be a good babysitter for me but boy were they mistaken.  I can get the kibble out in a few minutes.

Mom also bought me a new dish called Store-N-Feed, which I actually like since I can get my food easier, even with the ball they put in the center to try to slow me down.  The new bowl is supposed to help my digestion, but I don’t know what they are so concerned about since I eat all the yummy things in the  backyard.  Rocks and gravel are my second favorites.  My first favorite this week is gnawing on the back of the rugs.  Did you know that you can rip the trim on the bottom side of the rug off in one long piece, and it makes a great leash to bring out in the back yard?  I’m having so much fun.

Those books were right – I can destroy a room in 5 minutes – I wish they’d just leave me alone and let me do that – they are always on me – help!

Perry Graduates from Puppy Kindergarten

It was such a fun day and Mom and Dad decided to give me a special new treat for my graduation.  Since I’m not allowed to go to a steak house yet, Mom gave me some Z-Filets from Zuke’s that she got at the Food Show she went to a month ago. Boy, I sure loved them.  They are tasty and I wanted to eat the whole pack.  Mom especially liked them since they are high in protein and have few ingredients – Dad calls her the protein woman.

At Kindergarten today I was such a good dog and played nice with all my friends – Primrose, Oliver, Mochi, Fred, and Ginger.  I will miss them but hopefully I’ll get to see them in Puppy Kindergarten 2.   When I got home, I was so excited I needed to be tethered for a time out and I decided to show them.  I chewed through my brand new Aspen pet premier dog leash.  Mom was pretty upset at me and told me I better not chew through my 30 foot training leash she bought me.


I got another time out tonight so you know what I did when I was good and finally got out?  I decided to rip my bedding out of my crate and show them whose boss cause I’m the Puppy of the House!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be good and get some more treats!

Perry checks out the Ladies on the Block

Once again they think taking me for a little walk around the block is going to calm me down.  Little do they know that just gets me started.  I’ve been seeing a few dogs that look just like me in our neighborhood.  So you know what?  I’m going to start my own club and see how many Weimaraner’s I can find.

Mom put on my blue controller attached to my Premier collar which I am quickly outgrowing, cause I’m becoming such a big dog and we were out the door.

As we were walking to the end of the block, I saw this cute girl with Cleopatra eyes.  Mom started talking to her Mom and found out her name was Luna.  Boy, was she lovely!  I got a chance to play with Luna and so far she’s my favorite!

She’s a bit older than me but I think I prefer the older type.  Daddy calls her a cougar.  Here I am trying to give her a little kiss but she was a bit shy.  Apparently she doesn’t kiss on the first date.  That’s okay – I can’t wait to go on another walk and see her tomorrow.  Perhaps, these walks aren’t bad after all.  My Mom says 30 minutes of walking per day is good for your health but I don’t care so much about that – I just want to play and see what my neighborhood has to offer.

My New Puppy Treats

Not that I deserve any treats today since I was out of control most of the day but Mom caved.  This nice lady named Amy sent me some special treats today called Holistix – healthy dogs treats made with cranberries, apple and blueberries – she tells me I’m getting my antioxidants – anti what?

I got to the bag before her and again she snapped a picture of me as I was trying to get one – they sure are yummy.  Mom tried to make me behave while she was typing out this blog for me since I have not learned how to type yet.  She had hidden one of the biscuits on the desk and before she knew it I jumped up and got it without her knowing – too bad she took it away and I got a time out.  Hopefully I can get another one before bed….

Puppy Perry LOVES his Vitamins and Omega 3’s


My Dad hates to take his vitamins and fish oil – Mom always reminds him and he gives her a look….but I LOVE my vitamins.  After Mom gets home from the gym I wait and wait till she starts making her breakfast cause I know I’ll get them if I’m good.




I heard she tells her patients to get all their omega 3’s I think called ALA, DHA, and EPA but I don’t care.  I just like to lick the lemon fish oil off the spoon and chew up the yummy vitamin.  She made me pose with them both – Carlson lemon fish oil and NuVet Plus.  I’m so sick of posing and who knows what she want to take a picture of next…..