Perry Loves Food, Bushes, Dirt, Gravel….

My most favorite thing to do in the world is EAT!  Food is my best friend and I guess that is why my Mom selected me since she deals with food.  I’m hoping I get to try some new treats this week.

My second favorite thing to do is get in the bushes, eat gravel and dirt.  Mom and Dad are always taking things out of my mouth.  When I eat something in the yard all of a sudden I hear yelling.  I try to run away but someone always catches up with me and grabs my mouth and pulls out whatever I have in there – can’t imagine why…I’m just being a puppy.

Perry “Cleans” the House

I overheard my Mom and Dad had argued about whether to get a “canine” before they brought me home.  My Mom had a “feline” named George before me who was basically an old man.  Dad had lots of dogs growing up and thought they were no problem, but of course he came from the “sticks” as one co-worker said where humans just put us in the back yard.

Little did my Dad know how challenging I would be to train, being the west-side dog that I am.  I’m in puppy kindergarten every week, I saw a”behaviorist” at the vet when I went for my shots, and even had a private session with a trainer – all to try to get me to “behave” whatever that means.  I do know how to sit, lay down and come but whether I do it or not depends on whether I’m in the mood or not.

Tonight when Mom got home I greeted her by running and getting the mop and dragging it across the floor to my bed and here I am gnawing on it – tastes almost as good as my bone.  I wonder what else is in the kitchen for me to “eat?”

My Affinity for Toilet Paper

I love tissues, toilet paper and newspaper – maybe almost as much as my food!  Today I destroyed a roll of toilet paper and Mom found me several times tonight with tissues almost done my throat – she told me she would have had to bring me to see the vet Annie if I had swallowed it.  She seemed pretty upset – I’m just having fun.



Dad was so tired from taking care of me today he crashed on my bed and I decided to curl up with him.  I still can’t figure out all these rules in this house and what’s the big deal about eating toilet paper anyway?

These Strange Things that Mom and Dad Do!

So I’m still trying to figure out my Mom and Dad.  When Dad goes to his potty room in the morning I try to keep him warm.  Dad likes to clean all around the house.

When he goes to the potty room to clean I just go in there with him. It takes him a long time to clean the place where I get my baths so I just decided to curl up on his pants till he was done and could play with me.



Mom leaves so early in the morning before Dad and I get up.

She wears funny clothes and shoes and takes this bag I’m looking at.  I think she calls it the gym.




When she got home this morning she took off her shoes and I decided to check them out.

When she was in the shower I took both of them in my mouth at the same time and ran to my mat.

I could carry both of them but could only chew one at a time.

For some reason Mom did not not like that and took them from me and hid them but I’m sure I’ll find them soon enough.

Going Home…

My new parents units came to pick me up a week early since my dog Mom was biting me and I was being evicted from the playpen.  I was only 7 weeks old and the car ride home was REALLY scary.

I was in my new Mom’s arms being held tight and I could not see out the window.  After what seemed like forever, I feel asleep.  Then all of a sudden I woke up and knew I needed to pee.  I started to whimper and got excited because because we had stopped.  Then this new being with facial hair I think is my new Dad got frustrated and said something like dang traffic.  Hmn?

Finally we pulled into what my new parents said was home.  I could care less since I needed to pee bad.  My Dad took me in his arms and ran to this lush, green area.  As I was doing my business he said, “go potty, go potty.”  Like I really need a verbal cue.  When you gotta go, you just go.  After that, I went and sat by his leg.  He seemed to think that was cute.  Little does he know my cuteness will be short-lived.  Did I mention this cool yard has so many fun places to explore?

Gosh, I need a nap.  I do miss my brothers and sisters but I am loving this new place and sniffing all the new smells.

It’s been a long day and little do my new parents know but it will be an even LONGER night….