photoI just can’t seem to help myself!

I love butter and can’t seem to get enough of it. When Dad is cooking I wait till he’s not looking and steal it off the counter.  I’ve done this multiple times so it seems Dad is not too smart at remembering my thievery.

Maybe HE needs more of those omega 3 fats for his memory – who knows?

In fact, he frequently leaves things on the counter for me to steal and Mom reminds him but lately his mind is elsewhere-maybe somewhere in the photo clouds (?)

I don’t really differentiate but I do really like Plugra butter the best – I know that grass-fed butter from Europe is the best and gives me good fats for my fabulous shiny coat.  I also know the research that butter IS the preferred fat over margarine which Mom does not allow in the house.

So now I’m on a short leash since Dad found my butter paper stash in the back yard under the pine tree.  No more late night scooby butter snacks.  I guess I’ll have to find a new fix.  Here I am nonchalantly trying to hide the butter stick I stole but we know it will soon be taken away!

And I ALMOST forgot – it was a beautiful sunny 73 degrees today in Santa Monica – have you noticed it has been about the same temperature each week?  No wonder I have to get into trouble to change things up.

Until next week PEOPLE!

Love The Butter Thief

It’s my Birthday Week

IMG-20130108-00914I was ONE year old this week on Wednesday – can you believe it?

I heard Dad mumbling to himself that he wished I was already 2 – something about me calming down (???)

For starters I got to share some of Dad’s berry smoothie – oh SO yummy.

Dad complains about having to eat breakfast (something I NEVER complain about since I’m ready to eat at all times) but decided to have a protein packed smoothie on my birthday.

I was glad to share it with him since it has ground flax seeds full of omega 3 fats to make my coat shiny, lots of phytochemicals in the berries so I can live a long healthy life and protein for energy so I can drive the parental units more insane than I already do.



Then I got to go on a big boy walk with Dad.  I’m looking so grown-up now I can hardly stand it. I look more grown up than I act but maybe by next birthday my behavior will have caught up with my age.