I’m the Santa Monica Dog that Recycles!

Dad thinks he’s a genius by placing my favorite stones I like bring into the house up high.  But as you can see my latest growth spurt helps me get to high places.  Plus – I’m the poster child for recycling.

Recycling is an important aspect of life and all of us need to take an active role that it’s done correctly.  I was just checking to make sure Mom and Dad were putting the correct items in the recycle bin.

Things are really crazy right now at my house.  They are painting the doors and Dad is stripping all the hardware.  It has been SO much fun since there are no barriers and I have free reign of the house.  One good thing out of the chaos is Mom bought big marrow bones from Bob’s butcher.  They are yummy but they only tie me over for 45 minutes whereas they last most dogs a few days.  I clean them up really well.

So the house has no doors right now – but lots of sanding dust and a graveyard of bones.  Hmmm…I think I’m making my mark nicely.