It’s SO Cold

photo-1This week was tough – it was SO cold in Santa Monica.  I’ve heard there are much colder places but I prefer the warm – remember I have no hair so it’s a challenge.

I graduated to my big boy bed again after many months and I am being much better about going to bed now.  Dad set up a tent so I’m always covered and warm.

Sometimes in the middle of the night the covers come off and I get cold and wake Mom up to cover me up again.

I love the soft feel of the blankets and Mom doesn’t seem to mind too much since I go right back to sleep.  Now that I’m a year old I am becoming a little better each day – I drop things more quickly, I don’t steal quite as often, and I lounge at night instead of running all over the house.  Don’t I look cute in my tent bed?  I have that silky smooth skin still since Dad gives me all those marrow bones high in protein and iron and Mom continues to give me all my omega 3’s.

I’m such a Healthy Eater

Okay – I have to admit that I eat things I’m not supposed to like dirt, rocks, Dad’s ear plugs, my leash and collar but hey – if they are around so I’m not sure what the big deal is anyway?  Aren’t we a family and share stuff?

But I thought I would make a list of my favorite foods since Mom is proud that I have such a healthy pallette:

1. Vitamins and Fish oil – I know technically not “food” but I live for the morning when Mom gives me these 2 things.
2. Plain Yogurt – Mom did not think I would like this but whenever she eats it I can’t stop myself from begging for some too – so smooth and satisfying besides the probiotics!
3. Peanut butter – I overheard Mom saying this is her favorite food and she used to put some in my Kong to keep me happy but I can’t remember where I hid my Kong so occasionally she gives it to me on a spoon.
4. Bully Sticks – this is one Mom saves for when she really needs me to be good for a few hours – like when she’s writing all her blogs. I can chew, chew, chew for hours with so much taste – it’s amazing!
5. Green Beans and Peas – this is one my Grandpa B introduced me to. I really love all fruits and veggies (except carrots – can’t stand those although Mom has tried a few times to pull one over on me) but these are 2 of my favorites.

I could eat most anything but if any of you are stopping by please bring me a treat – I have such a great nose I’ll never forget it. I can’t send thank-you’s but I’ll lick your hand and try to get in your lap 🙂

Puppy Perry LOVES his Vitamins and Omega 3’s


My Dad hates to take his vitamins and fish oil – Mom always reminds him and he gives her a look….but I LOVE my vitamins.  After Mom gets home from the gym I wait and wait till she starts making her breakfast cause I know I’ll get them if I’m good.




I heard she tells her patients to get all their omega 3’s I think called ALA, DHA, and EPA but I don’t care.  I just like to lick the lemon fish oil off the spoon and chew up the yummy vitamin.  She made me pose with them both – Carlson lemon fish oil and NuVet Plus.  I’m so sick of posing and who knows what she want to take a picture of next…..