Happy 4th Birthday to ME!

FullSizeRender-2This morning was like the rest…get up, go out, eat breakfast and then back to bed. I love the extra snoozes I get.

Once everyone was up, I gave my usual love and affection to the parentals. They told me it was my birthday and gave me some extra love, which we all know I deserve.

Then I got side tracked with a barking fit as the neighbor dog walks too close to my house as we know how territorial I am.

Apparently this sort of warning system is not really working for Mom and Dad or the fact that I have slipped back into my old habit of pulling a little too much on my walks.

But wait, before everyone gets all upset…I have not slipped up with my healthy eating and yes I too like Mom recommends to  her clients am consuming my probiotics. I also continue to take my Carlson fish oil which has tremendously helped my skin and itching, which we know is a problem with us Weimaraners.

FullSizeRender.jpgThe day was progressing nicely and as it was my 4th Birthday, I was enjoying my lounging and resting time. Then, there was an intrusion and I heard the door bell and went into bark mode. The next thing I know is The Tutu was there at my front door. What? She is coming to my birthday party?

Well as usual she wobbles in with her Darth Vader breathing and went straight for my stash of bones. I wish I had a lightsabor.

Anyway we hung out and she did wish me a Happy Birthday so she is OK in my book, but that stealing of my bones…I guess I should play well and share a little more.

For dinner Dad hooked me up PEOPLE! It was amazing as you can see and I enjoyed every last morsel.

The weather in Santa Monica has been cold and rainy and El Nino is in full gear. We are excited about 2016 and have lots of plans…stay tuned as it should be an adventure.



It’s all about Birthdays this month!

Yep that’s right folks my birthday was last week and Mom’s is coming up this week.  I have been on my bestest behavior because I heard my other grandparents were coming.  It’s a bummer deal they are not able to come down and meet me this week.  I guess I will have to wait, something I am not all that great about unless treats are involved.

Dad has been doing his usual old man chores around the house and of course I love to follow him with the occasional trouble causing I dphotoo so well.  This past week I found that if I really want his attention while he is on the phone the best method is to stand on the couch.

OK, so while I was resting my eyes taking a chill out from life I heard Dad’s phone ring.  I instantly knew game on…you see he just loathes it when I get up in his action.

First I started with the thrusting a toy into his hand while he is trying to take notes and converse on the phone.  After he brushed me off I knew I had to step up my game.  I stood proudly on the coach looking ever so keen in his direction.  I could see his face turn red but he could only motion for me to move.

That did not stop me as I decided to take the fancy show pillows and toss them off the couch.  His head was going to explode but he could not do anything if he moved closer I would start to bark which only made him become furious, I had the upper hand.  There was no way he was going to win this fight.  Oh no, then I heard him tell the person he had to go and hung up the phone.

“Punky what are you doing”?  I knew I was in trouble when the Punky name gets used.  There I stood trying to look innocent standing on the forbidden couch with show pillows tossed all around.  Next I heard the command “crate” which is my cue for a break from the world but this time I was pumping full of adrenaline and decided to up the odds of a continual fight…

I crawled under the bed, which is a huge NO-NO.  You see once I get under there, I cannot get out and it becomes a challenge because I am so big.

Dad thought he would teach me a lesson and leave me under there but then I turn into a trapped feral cat and panic trying to claw my way out.  Dad finally felt my pain and helped me out but it was an ordeal.  Mom caught us in the act and questioned what on earth were we doing.  Dad just told here, “Perry is looking for bedbugs”.  This made everyone laugh.

Later that night I heard Dad talk about some additional training.  Apparently he met a renowned trainer, David Reinecker,  of Dog Remedy, who is a dog behaviorist and is supposed to be the best.  I’m a bit puzzled why I would need a behaviorist but maybe a few of you can enlighten me.  After all, my behavior has gotten so much better – even I’m surprised at myself.  I’m not sure Dad would agree.

As for everything else Mom did another Motivational Interviewing Training at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church to help people with behavior change and communicating – maybe Mom and the dog behaviorist should do Motivational Interviewing trainings together and leave us dogs alone.

I think I hear the cheese drawer opening and that means SNACKS!   See ya later People.

It’s my Birthday Week…


Yep that’s right folks – it is my birthday on the 9th and I will be TWO years old.  I keep hearing people say that is the age when I will finally calm down.  Yeah right, not in my sort of breed as the 2 year mark is actually 3 or 4 years.

I love this fact because it just gives Dad even more angst then he already has.  However, I am still the perfect dog in the evenings, as I love to cozy up with people on my chair.

Also, I am getting better with giving myself timeouts when I do something really bad.   I figure I should give myself a head start so when I misbehave I just go to the crate myself to save time since I know I’ll end up there anyway.

My latest antics have to do with the fact that I am just a little over zealous with my protective instincts.  When other dogs and people come too close to the house, I have been known to bark and Dad calls it Cujo chaos.

Anyways, when it has been a high traffic day outside Casa de Perry I get on the parentals’ nerves a little too much.

For example, the other day I was doing my house monitoring and peeking through the blinds (I have to people since someone broke into the neighbors house when she was inside the house) and people with dogs were cruising on my side of the street.

I even have the outside people trained that when they get to our house they go across the street to continue their walks.  Yep, I have the power and apparently this is not a good trait to have.

Better yet, I am now starting to know the outside people’s schedule because I am nosy and king boss of the street.  Mom’s new nickname for me is Gladys Kravitz?  Who’s that?

So now when the peoples cross the street I give them the royal treatment of my bark fest.  Even though I know I am in trouble and run to my crate I just can’t help myself.  I figure I have to continue my warning of “get off my lawn.”

My friend Ciara laughs at me  – she said my bark is ferocious but then I’m sweet once you get inside the house – they say my bark is bigger than my bite but I’m not sure exactly what that means (?)

I hear we are going to have company soon.  I’m very excited since I finally get to meet my other grandparents who are coming next week.  I have already been warned to be on my best behavior since Grandpa Dopart might take me on a few walks and Grandma Dopart might bring me some treats! 

OK, back to sun myself outside, as the weather is especially warm today.  I hear it is brutal back east.   Please stay warm my Eastern fans and family.

Peace and don’t forget my birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Joe

I have not met Grandpa Joe but I heard it was his birthday.  Mom and Dad asked me to put this curly fluffy stuff on my head and I just wanted to eat it – why waste it on top of your head?  I don’t see any point in that but then again these humans are an odd breed.

Who cares about the present?  I just want to eat the paper – much more fun.  Anyway, Happy 70th Birthday Grandpa Joe!  I hope you have  nice steak!  I know I might get one tonight if I’m good so hopefully you will as well.

Love Perry