Happy Independence People

IMG-20130630-01127A lot has been going on, and as usual the Dopart-Batchelor house is never a dull moment.  Mom finished teaching two Motivational Interviewing trainings at the new office.  It was cool since Dad brought me for the first few minutes to say hello to the participants.  Seems like Mom is busy this summer with lots speaking engagements.

I on the other hand have been busy with my doctor’s appointments.  I got bitten at daycare by one of my fellow canines and my neck is all red and swollen and is not getting better.  So I just keep taking my medicine and getting rest.  However, I have too many things to do and my summer calendar is full so I hope it heals soon.  I really want to have time to see my cousin Maggie.

Last night Santa Monica did their fireworks and it was pretty scary.  I was nervous and had a little panic attack.  Those things are too loud and make too much noise.   Dad could not believe that I had such a reaction because he says I am a gun dog.  Don’t know what that means since I avoid guns at all cost.

Next weekend I am going with Dad up to the grand-units in SLO.  My aunt Wendy and her boys are coming so we are all going to play together.  It should be a blast since I do love the little people.  Mom is staying home to do her work since I tend to be a bit distracting.

OK, I need to try and cool down.  We are having a little bit of a heat wave.  Stay cool people and out of trouble.

A Very Sad Weekend

photoWell this week I am sorry to report things are pretty sad and emotional for our neighborhood.  It all started on Friday.

Dad is in the Santa Monica College program for photography.  He had finished his finals on Thursday, which means more time for ME.

Then on Friday morning Dad, Mom and I went to see my friend Dr. Palmquist at Centinela Animal Hospital.  We were excited since my owie is getting much better and my immune system is healing itself due to all the supplements I’m now getting.  We learned that my weakened immune system had to do me being taken away from my Mom too soon – 7 weeks and I’m so happy that is better.

We barely got home from my appointment and Dad was getting ready to take me on my walk by his school to celebrate.  I like walking the perimeter of the campus since the students like to give me lots of pets.   Mom was going to go to work so it was just going to be us guys.

As we were ready to leave we heard gunshots.  What was happening?  All of a sudden the helicopters were overhead, police sirens everywhere and complete chaos.  Then the helicopters with load speakers told us to stay in the house.

I know the President was in town but was this part of his visit?  Of course I wanted to go outside and explore but Dad had us locked inside.  He was not messing around.  We were in lockdown.

After hours of the helicopters flying above, people calling to see if we were OK and seeing our house on TV we found out the horrible story of the young man who had problems and unloaded destruction on our town.

The next morning Dad wanted to take me on our walk but the campus was still taped off.  He wasn’t too talkative and I was really good.  I sense it when the parental units are upset.

Then finally this morning we were able to walk around the perimeter of the campus.  It was a solemn walk.

Horrible things happen in life and we always do not know why.   My heart and prayers go out to all of the victims and their families.