I’M a STAR and have the Perfect Healthy Lifestyle

Dad went to Uncle Andrew’s house yesterday and look what was up on the wall.  Since I’m a star I thought I would share with you all the things I do right since it seems like this blog is all about my mis-behaving.

Here’s my 10 Best List of Healthy Behaviors:

1.  I was completely potty trained at 8 weeks old

2.  I sleep 10 hours a night without a peep and now on my big boy bed

3.  I can’t get in trouble for bringing everything inside since it is all inside now

4.  I wait patiently with anticipation for  my vitamin and fish oil every day

5.  I make sure to get my exercise every day

6.  I eat my veggies, especially the little crowns

7.  I eat my plain yogurt for probiotics every day

8.  I never complain about the food Mom gives me

9.  Since I’m on my best behavior I get to visit Grandma’s house next week

10. I try to get my fiber every day, even if it is toilet paper

My Morning Puppy Routine

I have my routine – I whine till my Dad gets me out of my cage, then I gently (yeah-right) nudge him into getting me my breakfast, and by that time Mom gets home from the gym.

I try to jump on her  when she walks in the door but somehow she does not care for that type of affection.  I’m just trying to say hello so I don’t know why it bugs her so much?  BUT as soon as she walks in the kitchen I’m PERFECT.  I sit still like a little statue waiting for my vitamin.  Mom thinks they put crack in it since I can’t wait to get it.  She breaks it up into little pieces to dole it out.  Why can’t I have it ALL at once?  One of those unfair things in this household.

She gives me a little drop of fish oil on a spoon and then takes a shower.

I LOVE the shower since I sit under the heat lamp and soak all the warmth in.  And when she gets out I love to lick her toes and legs – lots of warm yummy water.  The rest of my day starts after that but somehow I wish we could repeat the morning ALL DAY LONG…