It’s SO Cold

photo-1This week was tough – it was SO cold in Santa Monica.  I’ve heard there are much colder places but I prefer the warm – remember I have no hair so it’s a challenge.

I graduated to my big boy bed again after many months and I am being much better about going to bed now.  Dad set up a tent so I’m always covered and warm.

Sometimes in the middle of the night the covers come off and I get cold and wake Mom up to cover me up again.

I love the soft feel of the blankets and Mom doesn’t seem to mind too much since I go right back to sleep.  Now that I’m a year old I am becoming a little better each day – I drop things more quickly, I don’t steal quite as often, and I lounge at night instead of running all over the house.  Don’t I look cute in my tent bed?  I have that silky smooth skin still since Dad gives me all those marrow bones high in protein and iron and Mom continues to give me all my omega 3’s.

I DON’T Like Change and I’m LOST

I overheard Mom and Dad saying I’m at that adolescent stage where the dog books say I forget everything I learned.

This did not coincide well with things in the house.  Dad is trying to fix some damage to the walls in his bedroom so he moved all of us to the spare bedroom for a few weeks.  I did not like it and reverted to my first days here – I whined, could not settle down to sleep and was generally unhappy.  Mom finally came and laid down with me the first night for a little while and I was able to sleep and Dad did the second night but I still like being in the big bedroom.

I feel like a little lost puppy but I don’t look so puppy like (I’m at least 65 pounds).  My inner puppy needs a little support here.