The Squirrel is trying to make me crazy!

photoI have shared with all of you my plight with the squirrels and birds in our back yard.  They are constantly trying to rile me up and that of course causes me to bark…causing a domino effect of eventually disturbing the neighborhood and of course the parental units.

There is this one specific “friend” of a squirrel I call Squeak who just taunts me, even when I am in the house.

He runs on top of the fence and when I am trying to lounge in the living room he screeches to get my attention and rile me up to come outside and play.  Then when I get outside he runs and hides in the trees.  He tries to be sneaky and lies in wait as I am freaking out and using my outside barking voice.  He is so tricky that he will drop little branches or berries on my nose, which makes it even worse.

Of course Dad just yells and tries to get me to calm down.  Then Squeak starts the chase game by running back and forth of the fence…when I over shoot it he runs back to scream at me to keep it going.

Well now I am determined to get him first, so my new routine is to get outside first thing in the morning and start barking at the trees to see if the rodent will come out to play.

This just infuriates Dad especially when I am barking at 6:15 in the morning.  This morning was great since Dad was whispering for me to get my skinny butt into the house all the while I am barking.  He looked funny in his bathrobe and kept looking up telling me my “friend” was not out there and to get inside now.  I just kept looking up trying to climb the tree.

HA-Dad finally looked up and that my “friend” dropped leaves on his face.

Needless to say the parental unit was not impressed and he too got upset.  The next thing I know is Dad is in the bathrobe with a 2×4 trying to get the thing from yelling at him.  I was the flawless cheerleader as I was barking away.

Then the backdoor flew open and Mom yelled “what is going on?”  It was a priceless morning in the Dopart-Batchelor house.

I got a New Bone and Now I’m Away

IMG-20121128-00837Mom’s friend and my Auntie Stacey got me this cool new bone.  It’s much better than the other ones and Mom was happy since it kept me busy for hours which is a hard thing to do now that I’m almost 11 months old.  Can you believe I’ll be 1 year old soon?  I think I’m supposed to have a birthday party and get presents.  More bones would be good if you can send those.

Otherwise a visit will do since I like just about everyone, except for squirrels and crows.  They seem to always taunt me in the back yard.  There’s this one squirrel who likes to run back and forth on the top of the fence and yell at me, which is really annoying.  It must have really annoyed Dad since I had to get in the plants to try and get the squirrel and he used his outside voice to get me out of the plants.

Mom’s new office is almost done.  She and Dad were so busy putting it all together this weekend they let me go to Lori’s house so I would get way more attention.  I love being with Lori since I get to be the “working dog” that I was bred to be.  Home in a few days and maybe I’ll get to see the new office but only if I behave.  Not sure I am capable of that quite yet…