Punky Goes to the Farm while Mom and Dad go to Auntie Marjorie’s in New Jersey

IMG-20130512-01043I was bummed that I did NOT get to go to Auntie Marjorie’s house.  I wanted to play with my cousins Bliss, AKA the little polar bear dog that never stops licking, and Reeses, AKA the barker dog who always wants to be petted.

Although they are MUCH smaller than me, I knew we’d have fun terrorizing Aunt Marjorie’s clean house and upsetting all the furniture and antiques she so nicely places on all her furniture.

I saw Mom and Dad packing my things, but then overheard them saying something about me going to the country (??)  What is that about?  Then I heard them saying I would not do well in the cargo and going to NJ may be a bit much for my anxiety level.  That may be true but why can’t I sit in the plane with them?  I deserve to have a ticket since I am an important part of this family, aren’t I?

IMG_5594Anyway, this big white van came to pick me up and off to the country I went.  I got to play with other dogs, and discovered some other animals I did not know about – I overheard the lady Julie calling them chickens, and horses.  I played in lots of areas around the farm and then had my own bed at night.  Mom and Dad sent my own little blanket so I would not get too homesick.

I came home tired from all the play, and am so happy to be home in my own bed.  I need Mom to cover me up if the covers come off in the middle of the night.

Hopefully one day I’ll get to meet Aunt Marjorie, Bliss and Reeses but for now a cross-country flight may be more than my puppyness can handle.  Maybe Aunt Marjorie will have to come to California to meet me since she won’t have to sit in cargo like me.  Life’s just not fair sometimes….

Puppy Play for the Holidays

IMG-20121209-00850Hello out there!  Hope you are all enjoying your holidays because apparently I am going to get coal in my stocking.  What on earth is Dad talking about?  I just hope it is hard and I can chew on it.  This all started a few days ago when I was absolutely doing nothing.  I mean it is not my fault they left their bedroom door open a little.  You know I can open doors.  I love to take a running start and just power punch the door open.  It is one of my favorites.

Well I did this and had free range of their room.  Oh how I love the fluffy bed and pillows.  It’s like an obstacle course in there.  They have this cool rug and I just had this compulsion to start to dig at it.  Boy you would have though I had eaten a hole in the wall.  I mean I think I added some stringing texture to that thing.  Dad seemed less than impressed and said he needed a time out from me. Can you believe that?

Then later I was chasing after that PITA of a squirrel and came galloping back into the house sharing that I had chased him out of the yard.  It has been raining down here and the yard was muddy.  I love water and mud!  I think it’s in my bones since I got really excited and like I said came barreling through the house barking and running.  I forgot to wipe my feet and just tracked in a little of the mud.   Dad seems to only want a clean floor – I guess he did not think about that when he decided to get a Weimaraner now, did he?

On another note I am now 11 months old and weigh 80 pounds.  I am loving life and feel blessed by my land of beds so I must be doing something right.