Puppy Day Camp transitions to Boot Camp

Dad tried to drop me off at the old day puppy day care today since he had one day left and when I got there I was really nervous and did not want to go behind the glass door.  I was shocked that Dad told the worker “he doesn’t want to be here.”  Dad listened to me and let me go back in the car with him.  He took me across town to the new Doggy day camp which I LOVE and I had so much fun.  I guess my parents do love me and listen to my fragile ness.

Mom picked me up after work and I was hungry since it was past my dinner time.  She picked me up in Dad’s car since her car did not want to start this morning.  She was not happy with how I like to ride in the car with my hind quarter in the back seat, and my front paws in the passenger seat.  My stomach hangs over the console and it feels like I’m surfing and I like it.

The rumors are true – I’m supposed to go to Puppy Boot Camp tomorrow.  I’m trying to be good and here I am sacked out from day care so what they expect of me?  They want me to not pull when I walk, they don’t want me to jump up when I get excited when they are home, they have a problem with me taking things and running.  Come ON!  I’m just getting my exercise and running.  I hope it is fun.  I know they will miss me when I’m gone….