I’m Finally out of Jail and I Almost got a sister

So the mask came off yesterday but I was a little too excited with my freedom.  I immediately ran in the back yard and decided to eat rocks again.  Dad was not too thrilled and put my mask on for a period of time today which seemed like forever.

Mom had to go to get me some treats at the dog store and saw a little 12 week old black and white kitty who needed adopting and was VERY tempted to bring her home.  Dad thought I might hurt her – WHEW  – that was a close one.  I want the house and my parents ALL to myself since I am the epitome of narcissism.  I want all the attention on me and when I am not getting it I go find something I’m not supposed to, steal it, and run in the back yard.

Mom and Dad are a little sick of this behavior and may step up the “training” as they call it.

I was a little excited about getting a sister – just think about all the “almond roca”  at my disposal from the cat box – maybe I should consider sharing after all….