Paper Trail

FullSizeRender-2Hello People,

I know it has been ages since I have reached out to you all. I have to admit I’ve been more than busy keeping the parentals on their toes. They have been downsizing and going through everything, including my toys. Apparently our house is not in “carry on” shape.

Last week I watched Dad spend 10 hours shredding paper. Mom has been going through files and closets and I have not been receiving the special attentions and affections I so need. This lack of attention has frustrated me so every chance I get I find her shoes and take them outside. Of course my excuse is I want to be close to her.  She hasn’t been so happy searching for her shoes in the mornings.


It is also tax season and that makes it even more stressful. My house has become a flux of paper. Look, they have even taken over MY chair and have resorted to using ME as a shelf.

OK, just wanted to pop into all of your lives for a second and let you know I’m still alive and well.  However, if you want some Perry love please feel free to drop by but leave your papers at home since we have enough here to last a while.



Grandparents weekend was Fun!

IMG-20130602-01086I was so happy to have more people in the house – remember the more peeps the better since I get much more attention and the parental units get a little boring, I must admit.

Unfortunately I did get into a little trouble, as I was just so excited to see my Grandma and Grandpa B.  Remember I’m only 17 months old now so I don’t have to act like an adult canine for at least another 7 months.

I kept the parental units up half the night and even tried to trick them a few times by pretending to need to go outside to the bathroom only to try and open the door to where Grandma and Grandpa B were sleeping.  I even tried to sleep under Grandma and Grandpa’s bed, but Mom was not going for that and had to drag me out a couple of times.

We went on a few walks, and ate really good food, since Dad is a good cook in case none of you knew that – I think he’s doing recipes for a new book with something called “one pot meals.”    I don’t care about that since all I wanted was more of those special treats Grandma brought me from Prescription Diet.  They were special since Grandma’s dog Aunt Victoria liked them so I wanted to remember her by eating as many as I could.

I am going to be sad when they leave but I heard Mom and Dad talk about meeting Uncle Pat and Aunt Dianne in San Luis Obispo for a visit.  That means I get to hang out with cousin Maggie AND Grandma.   Mom said I was infatuated with them.  Hey they spoil me and it makes Dad crazy but who cares I am getting more attention and affections than usual.

The sore on my foot seems to be getting worse as I am constantly told to stop licking it.  I have another appointment to see Dr. Palmquist at Centinela Animal Hospital next Friday to see if it is going to be OK or if I am going to require surgery.  Such a dog’s life.

OK, catch you on the other side of the doghouse.

I’m the Star of Dad’s New Movie

Hey we know I am a Star, but boy it is hard work.

It is odd that Dad and I may be cruising down the street in the car and people are calling for me to turn so they can take my photo.  I thought driving and using your cell phone was illegal?

photoBut on to what’s really going on.  Dad has a school project and needs to make a short video using thousands of pictures.  It’s really a hard job, but as always I am up for the task.  However, this was a little more complicated than I initially realized.

First we picked up uncle Andrew and then headed out for the photo shoot. They really worked me.  I had to wait for food and treats.  They even made me get in the cage a few times with that camera thing clicking away in my face for close to 5 hours!  Dad said I was lucky that I did not have to edit and do all the post work too.  Who’s he kidding?  I will have to be on my best behavior while he is working on this project or else I will get the time outs.

Doesn’t he know I am union and should have Kraft services at my disposal?  Maybe this will be a good video for Mom’s promotional stuff.

On that better note the house has been full of great smells.  Mom has been baking up a storm for her new gluten-free cookie book.  It sounds pretty scientific but I don’t care since she has even made me some cookies.  And I LOVE them!  I wanted the chocolate ones but she said that was bad for me so I got the peanut butter pumpkin ones which were really quite yummy.

photo-1On our morning walk today we ran into a couple who informed Dad that their 12-year-old Weimaraner still cruised counter tops, acted like a puppy and ruled the house.  Rats, they took the element of surprise out of my plan.  Cuz I am the dog and rule the house.

Later today I went to visit my lady friend, Viva, who lives in the Palisades and boy is she a looker.  I irritated dad because he could not get a photo of us.  Since this is just a casual thing and not a prom I didn’t think it needed to be posted anywhere on the web.  I want to keep my options open.

OK, I am wiped out by these Memorial Day weekend events.  The parental units work tomorrow so I guess I will be having a holiday all by myself.

Peace out Peeps!

It’s SO Cold

photo-1This week was tough – it was SO cold in Santa Monica.  I’ve heard there are much colder places but I prefer the warm – remember I have no hair so it’s a challenge.

I graduated to my big boy bed again after many months and I am being much better about going to bed now.  Dad set up a tent so I’m always covered and warm.

Sometimes in the middle of the night the covers come off and I get cold and wake Mom up to cover me up again.

I love the soft feel of the blankets and Mom doesn’t seem to mind too much since I go right back to sleep.  Now that I’m a year old I am becoming a little better each day – I drop things more quickly, I don’t steal quite as often, and I lounge at night instead of running all over the house.  Don’t I look cute in my tent bed?  I have that silky smooth skin still since Dad gives me all those marrow bones high in protein and iron and Mom continues to give me all my omega 3’s.

I’m Just trying to get my Vitamin C

Mom and Dad were intently discussing business tonight and I decided I needed more attention so what better way to get it?  Steal the 5 pound big yellow football on the kitchen counter.  I have been eyeing it since it came on Wednesday from Mom’s friend Ben who delivers yummy produce from Santa Barbara called Hello Harvest.

Boy was it fun running the ball!  Of course Dad had to take my picture and a video.  My favorite part was jumping over the sofa with it in my mouth.  Not sure what the big deal was.  Mom calls it a melon and says it is good for you since it  has lots of vitamin C.  She can’t believe I can carry the whole 5 pounds in my mouth without a problem.  I don’t even know my own strength!

No More Naughty House?

What a road trip I’ve had! Dad takes me in the car for a long drive and then drops me off a long ways away and leaves me!  However, this nice trainer lady, Shannon started using familiar words “off, leave it, and the infamous drop it.”

She helped me a lot and found out some of my issues.  The first problem was getting over my anxiety.  Apparently even with all my fish oil and vitamins I still get a little nervous when the parental units are not around…especially Dad – since he is part of the problem.  You know us boys have to stick together.

I really like Shannon because she liberated me from the gentle leader since it makes me more nervous.

Now I have an easy harness.  Dad tells me I look like I am from the Swiss Alps.  I can pull a little so walking is still a little challenging, but I get clicks and lots of treats if I don’t pull.

After Mom and Dad came to pick me up we had to sit and do training.  It was hot and I was hungry, and it took FOREVER.

I just wanted to get it over with and get in the car and go home.  When we finally got home, I had to start with more training in getting out of the car.  Hmm…wonder how long this is going to last?  Isn’t this the naughty house?

Once inside I instantly saw that all the doors were up which is already limiting my freedom. Then it was dinner.   I’m super hungry since I’m SO much bigger now!

Dad pulled out my new feeding thingy called the Kibble Nibble and filled it up.  I’ve been eating my dinner like this lately and my favorite part watching him panic as I rolled it all over the kitchen floor getting food everywhere.

It felt a little like soccer as Dad was trying to block the door with the broom, sweep up the dog food all the while I am trying to roll the food down the “don’t touch the walls” hallway….

I LOVE the Little Crowns

Mom was chopping up my favorite vegetable for dinner and I decided I wanted some too – they always leave me out and it’s high time I eat what they do!  Mom calls it broccoli but I call it the little crowns.  I took part of it she was throwing in the garbage and ran in the back yard.

For some odd reason she didn’t chase me this time so I came in and quietly ate in on the kitchen floor.  I guess this is not as bad for me as when I steal the toilet paper – not sure why since they are both full of fiber, right?  Remember my Mom is a nutritionist so I picked up a few things since I’ve been here for the last 12 weeks.

I’m HUGE and I Love my Food and Treats

Mom is getting worried.  I gained 3 pounds in the last few days so now I’m 23 pounds at 11 and a half weeks!  I am a growing puppy but I heard her asking Dad if this is normal.  I’m a Weimaraner and hunting dog so of COURSE it’s normal – silly Mom.  She thinks it might be the Holistic Select Puppy Food  I’m eating.  Mom went through hundreds of dog food review websites trying to find the perfect food for me.  She finally decided there was no perfect food but this one was pretty close.  It had good ingredients for a growing puppy.

Tonight she tried to get me to behave.  I knew I would get a treat- remember I’m smart so I was on to her.  Tonight I got Dogswell Happy Heart chicken breast with taurine and flaxseed – I know she recommends flax seed to her clients so I guess I had to have mine as well.  It tasted pretty good and here I am waiting till she got the picture – I’m not very good at waiting but it does happen occasionally….

Week of Construction…

So things have gotten interesting at my new home.  My new Mom and Dad had some leaks in their potty room and had to get them fixed.  All these new people were in my space.  There were lots of noises and interesting things to sniff and find out about.  I keep hearing all these things to DO and I’m not liking it!

It’s EXHAUSTING being me….I’ve got so many rules to remember……when and where to pee……which items are chew toys (definitely not Dad’s socks or slippers and I LOVE the red ones) and what can I possibly do to earn a treat.   Not to mention, trying to look cute all day so that Mom makes me something special to eat.

I do like how she mixes pumpkin in my kibble.  Mom says it gives me something special called vit-a-mins to help my coat which I thought was just fine but what do I know?  I’m just a puppy.