Back from my Trip!

IMG_2789It has been a long time People! I almost forgot my writing stuff when I was in the country for a couple of weeks.

You may know that the parental units had a conference in Germany so while they were gone I got a vacation from THEM. It is always nice to be able to run in the country and hang out with my friends. I even lost some weight, showing how even canines can lose weight given the right amount of activity and I don’t even need a FibBit!

Speaking about loss we lost a couple of family members, Grandma Dopart and Aunt Mary within 2 weeks time. This has been a sad time so I have been giving Mom extra snuggles to comfort her.  Mom told me Grandma would always ask how the “puppy” was – little did she realize I am beyond the size of any puppy!

This week I have been doing better with my interior barking at the outside dogs. There was a couple of times that the neighbor dog, Henry, my new nemesis was peeing on my bushes in the front and I did not bark.

Dad was excited and gave me one of the Dental Bones from Mercola, which is not only tasty but healthy for my teeth. Little does he know I am really training him! WINK!  I stole the box off the counter and Mom caught me but I was disappointed there was none left so helpfully they will buy me more.

The weather continues on a schizophrenic course of being hot and humid. Maybe we will not have fall?

OK folks, have a great week and remember to be safe and responsible this Halloween. I am saying ahead of time I will not dress up this year and if Dad tries to put a costume on me again I will hide in rebellion.

Happy Fall!




A Rocky Start to my Vacation

photo-2Lately things have been very hectic around this house (what else is new?) My life has been slowly disrupted over this last week.  First Dad gets out the parental’s suitcases and then he started getting my stuff together.  I do not like having my bedding, toys and blankets messed with PEOPLE.  And he just does it so sneaky, which makes me even crazier!

Anyway this morning I was a bit on edge.  I just stuck to Dad like Velcro and there was nothing he could do where I was not following him around like a tail (anymore than I usually do.)  We finally finished loading up the car and we were ready to go but I was not exactly sure where (???)

The long drive in the car with all of my stuff made me a little cramped.  It was not too much of a problem since I just laid all over the front seat and when things got boring I stretched my legs out into the not so happy Dad’s lap.

photoI was getting a little antsy when we turned off the freeway in Santa Barbara.  What!  I think I saw Grandma and Grandpa’s B’s truck and that got me really excited.  Forget Dad! I was going to the country to hang out with all the fresh smells and friends.

We pulled up and Dad was trying to get me to work on my car etiquette.  I was not having any of that.  What was he thinking…training at a fun time like this – NO WAY!

As Grandpa was loading up the truck with my stuff Dad was trying to help.  Grandma thought it would be best to help take care of me.  Well I was so excited to be with her I forgot my own strength and ran off.  I was a “bad Punky” as Dad says because I pulled Grandma down to the ground and she got a hurtie.

I really felt horrible but I was just so excited.  Needless to say we finished up and I left with the Grand-units so I must not be in too much trouble.  We did stop for gas in Nipomo and I had some young fans want to come up and give me the attentions and affections I deserve.

We finally got home to SLO where I just love the yard, air and being spoiled rotten.  Hopefully the parental units have a good conference because I need a break from them.  I’ll be away for 2 weeks so not sure about updates.

Catch you later since I’ll be hanging out in the fresh air away from LA!